Hello Retirees!

Retirement is definitely a time of great change. Most people look forward to retiring through all their working years. Initially it feels wonderful to be free of the commute and the daily grind.


But many people experience a sense of loss of purpose, and many times a loss of a portion of their income. If you fall in to that category then I have good news for you! I’ve discovered a free web community based on teaching people like you and me to make money online. It has been a great resource for me.


They are so helpful and encouraging as though their sole purpose is helping others succeed. The community messaging is wonderful. You make new friends while gaining knowledge from those who know the ropes and are already reaping financially.



There are get rich quick schemes all over the internet ready to take our money and leave us in the dust. I can assure you that Wealthy Affiliates is not one of them.


Everything you need to get started is free including a seven day training program and two free web sites. They answer your questions throughout the training. Most people agree you need college to prepare for a career. You need training and support to succeed in internet marketing. WA provides that and much more.


What do you have to lose but time? Most retirees have at least a few lonely hours to fill so why not use them productively, and make friends and extra cash along the way. Watch for more posts to learn more.


At your service,