Himalayan Crystal Salt Health Benefits

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Today I would like to talk to you about Himalayan Crystal Salt.    Himalayan Crystal Salt is said to have many health benefits.  It contains 84 minerals, is all natural, and has been said to be the purest salt available.  It was formed when a primitive ocean dried up, leaving behind deposits of pure crystallized salt.  It has been protected for centuries by the Himalayan mountains and therefore not exposed to modern pollution.


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Salt is salt, you say, and salt is bad for you.

Regular table salt is highly processed which removes virtually all of the minerals.  The processed product on our table ends up being 99% sodium chloride.  While regular table salt has some value to keep the ratio of salt to water content in our body balanced, it is possibly connected to health problems such as:  arthritis, rheumatism,  gout, cellulite, gall bladder and kidney stones, and more.

Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt ranges in color from a pale pink to a rose color.  It is 85% sodium chloride, and the rest is composed of minerals.  It is known for it’s pure taste and and it’s distinctive pink color. Since it is all natural, it is not subjected to the processing that regular table salt goes through. The minerals contained in Himalayan Crystal Salt have many health benefits. They can remove toxins, create balance in your body, prevent muscle cramping, help your body absorb nutrients, regulate or balance your PH, and much more.  Many people choose this salt over table salt for the above reasons.


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Himalayan salt is commonly used in a bath for detoxification purposes.  It is said to help detoxify the body by osmosis.  The toxins will be released but the minerals will be absorbed.  The water should be pleasantly warm, not hot.  I’m not sure what the experts recommend; but I would recommend using one to two cups to a tub of water.  A few drops of lavender essential oil may be added.  This bath also helps to soothe away sore cramped muscles.  The magnesium absorbed through the skin may help heal damaged muscle and other soft tissues.  Minerals also fortify bones.

Note:  If you have heart problems or hypertension, a better option might be an epsom salts bath, since it is composed of magnesium and sulfate and not truly a salt.  Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate is also good for detoxification.


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Sports Drink

You can make your own sports drink containing Himalayan Crystal Salt.  The body absorbs electrolytes faster with this mixture, as opposed to drinking plain water.  Sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and chloride are contained in over the counter sports drinks.  These elements are also present in Himalayan Crystal Salt.  Just mix 3 1/2 cups of water with 1/2 cup orange juice (or other juice) and 1/4 teaspoon of salt and sweeten with a teaspoon or so of honey.

Acid Reflux Reducer

When the body’s PH is out of balance it can cause health problems such as weight gain, loss of bone density, immune deficiency and kidney stones.  Due to it’s alkalinity, Himalayan Crystal Salt can balance an acid condition present in our body.

The alkalinity in HCS also works as an antacid.  You can make a drink with a teaspoon of HCS in a full 8 ounce glass of water to counter excess stomach acid and reflux.

Purify Air

You can use HCS as an air purifier.  They make HCS lamps.  These lamps are not only decorative; but they are a natural air purifier.  They pull moisture from the environment into the salt.  The heat from the lamp quickly evaporates the water.  The water goes back into the air but without the toxins it went in with.  The salt traps the toxins inside.  Here is an example from Amazon.  If you wish to purchase, simply click on the Shop now.



Relief for Sinuses

Anyone who suffers from sinus problems knows the relief that can be obtained by the use of a neti pot.  A saline solution run through the neti pot will help clear bacteria and other contaminants from our nasal passages.  If you can’t tolerate using a neti pot, you can put some HCS and water in a saucepan, bring to a boil, turn off the heat and steam sinuses by breathing in the vapors.

Lower Blood Pressure

Salt raises blood pressure, right?  Actually excess salt contributes to high blood pressure.  Using all natural Himalayan Crystal Salt in lieu of regular processed salt may help.  Your body has an easier time processing the natural minerals contained in HCS.  Also it may take less water to clear out any excess sodium, so you may retain less water.  HCS is completely natural and unprocessed and therefore a healthier choice than processed table salt.

Salt is still salt

Though you may find that you like the taste of Himalayan Crystal Salt better than processed table salt, it is still salt. Since it is only 85% sodium chloride and 15% minerals, I feel it is a healthier choice.  It is said to be the purest naturally occurring salt in the world.  I think, because of the pure flavor, I use less to be satisfied with the taste of my food.  Even though I believe it is a healthier choice, if you have high blood pressure or heart disease, you will still need to limit the use.  Just because it is a healthier choice doesn’t mean you can consume more of it.

Heart Health Sodium Intake Guidelines

Recommendations from the American Heart Association says no more than 2,300 milligrams (mgs) of sodium a day, with an ideal limit of no more than 1,500 mg per day.  A teaspoon of salt contains 2,300 mg. of sodium.  So shake lightly and don’t add at the table.  If you have health problems, please consult a doctor before making any changes in your diet.

On this site, I provide information for my readers to make informative choices.  My job is bringing you the information for you to make an informed decision that is best for you.  Here are some options from Amazon if you are interested in purchasing, simply click on the Shop now:


I hope this has been informative for you concerning the health benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt.  If you have comments or questions, please leave them in the comment section below.  I love to get comments and I will answer as soon as I can.


Do any of you already use HCS instead of table salt?  If so, how do you like it?  I think it has a saltier taste and I am able to use it more sparingly.


Have you ever taken a salt bath?  How did you feel afterward?  It makes me feel extra clean and leaves my skin soft.  It relaxes my muscles, so I ache less afterward.


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Disclaimer:  I am not a medical doctor.  The information contained in this post has been acquired by first hand use and research on the product.  Please consult your family doctor or do your own research before purchasing.  Thank you.







tDCS For Depression and Pain

Hi friends.

Are any of you depressed?  Are you suffering from chronic pain?  Are you unable to sleep? Is dementia setting in?  As we age, we have been told to just accept these things as an inevitable part of aging. However, I have never been of the mindset that aging means accepting everything as being part of the aging process.  If something can change those things for the better, I say, do your research, and if it looks good, go for it!


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I have been reading about something that could help with the above symptoms and more.  Transcranial brain stimulation.  TMS. The treatments are done in psychiatrist’s office, and stimulates the brain in a way that is said to heal, or improve, depression, help with PTSD, insomnia and chronic pain and even dementia.  The treatment could only be delivered in a doctor’s office which would necessitate travel back and forth 5 days a week for many months of treatment.


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This technique is apparently working to ease or eliminate these symptoms, according to my research. But it is very expensive and has the inconvenience of making a trip to the doctor’s office several days a week.  You can find more information here:




I found a product that that is much less expensive and can be used in the comfort of your own home.  It seems to be delivering similar results. It is called tDCS, transcranial direct current stimulation.  Information can be found at:





I found these two tDCS kits on Amazon.  If you are interested after you research, simply go to the link below and click on the Shop now banner for more information to make your choice.




I have not tried these devices for myself; but I was impressed by the customer reviews and thought I would pass this news on to you. I can’t recommend this product from personal use, so do your research first.  Decide if you think it is worth trying for yourself.  I am all about putting the information on this site to be of help to the reader; but any decision you make concerning what you read on this site is entirely up to you.  I am the information provider on this site.  You are the decision maker for your life.


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My goal for this site is to deliver quality information, from which the reader can make informed decisions, according to what they want for their own life. My intent is to make your life easier; not to convince you to buy something, if you haven’t decided for yourself that a product you have read about on this site is something you want or need.

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If you decide to invest in this product; would you be so kind as to let me know your results. If you already own this device, please use comment section below to tell us all how it is working for you.  Your discussions may help others with their decisions.  That’s what the comment section is for.  My readers to learn from other readers.  I love comments.


I trust you you have found this information interesting and helpful. If you have any questions; please feel free to use the comment section below.


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Eat to Live or Live to Eat? Review of “Eat to Live” by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

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Hello friends.

Well, the holidays are here again. The time we pack on the pounds. Then comes January; the time of reckoning. That is the time when most people decide to diet. That’s why I have decided to review a new way of eating called, “Eat to Live” that was devised by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. You may have seen him on TV promoting his book and the many health benefits associated with this manner of eating.

I tried this diet myself about a year ago and I did lose weight. I can attest from first hand experience that it does work when used as directed. However my question for you is:

Do you eat to live or live to eat?

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If you are in the first category (eat to live), this diet is for you. There is no denying the health benefits of eating in the fashion Dr. Furhman recommends. It will pull the pounds off, if you follow his instructions and are determined to be in it for the long haul. You should start noticing health changes for the better as you pursue these new eating habits.

If, however you are in the second category (live to eat), you may find this way of eating rather restrictive and possibly difficult to maintain. While he does allow a variety of different foods; there are a lot of foods that are restricted or very limited. I’m sorry to say, I may be in this category myself. Though I was losing weight and enjoying this way of eating; with time I began to miss some of the foods I love to eat. Truthfully I’m not even sure I made it through the six weeks of restricted eating; so I don’t feel that I gave the diet a thorough test.

That being said; I didn’t have diabetes, high cholesterol or heart disease. These factors would, most likely, have strengthened my resolve to continue. If this eating regime becomes a way of life, then it is my belief that the health benefits will follow.

Dr Fuhrman takes exception to the USDA food guide pyramid. He criticizes it for not promoting the eating of more plant based nutrient rich foods; and for promoting the eating of refined grains (breads, cereal and pasta). He says this diet will not achieve weight loss or healthy eating. He has included a revised pyramid called The Life Plan Food Pyramid.

Breads, Cereals, Oats, Barley, Wheat

What can I eat, and not eat on the Eat to Live Diet Plan?

The first six weeks is more or less vegan.

Lots of salads, green vegetables and fresh or frozen fruits. Beans, legumes and bean sprouts are also recommended.

Foods to be limited are starchy vegetables, nuts and seeds and whole grains. Dr. Fuhrman recommends only one serving daily of these.

Off limits are dairy products, animal products, fruit juice and dried fruit, and between meal snacks. (I am a dairy lover; so being restricted to none was hard for me).

The next phase of the program is called “The Life Plan”

The Life Plan diet should be made up of 90% unrefined plant food. Dr. Fuhrman says the salad should be the main dish at lunch and dinner. His premise is:

If you consume a large quantity of nutrient dense foods; then you will consume smaller quantities of low nutrient foods.

Salad, Lettuce, Mixed Salad, Beetroot

The salad is the main dish

The life plan allows for very small amounts of animal foods, dairy and processed foods. He doesn’t recommend a grain based diet. And puts limits on starchy vegetables like potatoes.

Seven day meal plans are included for both the vegan and the life plan.

A weekly shopping list is included to make sure you have the required foods on hand.

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Recipes are included:

In the back of the “Eat to Live” book, Dr. Fuhrman has included recipes for soups, salads, dressings, vegetable dishes and desserts. I made some of these and they were very palatable. It was helpful to have yummy ways to prepare the food you were allowed.

Are we food addicts?

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Dr. Furhman says most people are addicted to the foods they grew up eating; and feel deprived if their diet denies them the food they love. (Guilty as charged) The life plan allows these foods in very small quantities and for flavoring or rewards. The life plan does seem more manageable, doesn’t it?

He further states that many of the foods we are addicted to are foods we are either allergic or sensitive too. This causes bloating, gas, headaches, inflamation, and steals our energy. It can also cause much more serious health problems if left unchecked.

How much weight can one expect to lose in the first 6 week phase?

On the front of the Eat to Live book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, the sub title is “The Revolutionary Formula for fast and sustained weight loss”. Under that is a caption that says, “Lose 20 lbs. or more in 6 weeks. The premise is that even after the six week plan, you will still continue to lose on the life plan; but at a slower rate.

How many calories should I consume to lose weight?

Dr. Fuhrman says don’t worry about the calories. If you follow his plan the weight should start to fall off because of the new way of eating. He does give a guidline from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health for those desiring to lose weight. Women should choose a diet with fewer than 1,200 a day, and men with fewer than 1,600.

Can this diet cure diabetes, heart disease, lower cholestrol and prevent cancer?

Anatomy Of The Human Body, Big Picture

The Eat to Live plan claims to have beneficial effects on these and numerous other health conditions. People who have adopted this style of eating, have reported that they have realized these benefits in their health. Some claimed they have been able to go off of prescription medications; because of the improvements in their health. Others stated that they had more energy and felt better than they had in years. Judging from the reviews, the weight loss does seem to be around twenty pounds in six weeks(or more), for those who follow the plan as outlined in the Eat to Live Book.

Do people who try this diet recommend it to others?

The people who stick with this diet for the entire six weeks are able to see the weight loss and feel the benefits to their health. These people are more likely to adopt the life plan for eating, or something near to it, long term. Because they have experienced the benefits, they would say it is worth the sacrifice. These people would recommend this diet to others whole heartedly and without reservation.

There are people who haven’t tried the diet for themselves. And ones who were not able to stick with the plan.  Some of them have a great deal of negative comments about this way of eating. I think it is worthwhile to note that Dr. Fuhrman is a medical doctor; and most of the naysayers are not. Also, in my humble opinion, if someone has not adopted this style of eating for at least the six weeks recommended in the book; they cannot comment from a personal perspective on what the benefits are, or are not for this particular eating plan.

There is an old saying that says “the proof is in the pudding”. If you haven’t eaten the pudding, you don’t know if it is good or not. It can look good and smell good but it is the tasting that will tell the complete story of the quality of the pudding.

Dessert, Pudding, Sweets, Eating

The proof is in the pudding.

This reminds me of a time when my niece and I were eating at a restaurant. We noticed that they were offering chocolate meringue pudding pie. We were both drooling at the prospect; but I decided to abstain. My niece ordered the coveted pie. When they brought it to the table, it looked so good, I was regretting my decision to abstain.

I watched as she took a bite. She said nothing; and she offered me a bite, which I refused. I noticed she was sort of picking at her plate, instead of eating it right down, as I assumed I would have. I asked her if it was good. I was expecting her to say yes; but she said “No”!  She put the plate aside, after having eaten only a bite or two.

The pie looked delicious. It smelled good like pudding should. But it had a bitter chocolate taste; not the creamy chocolate deliciousness she was anticipating. My point is, if you haven’t tried something or haven’t given it your all, then you haven’t tasted the pudding yet.

Without actually consuming the pudding; you are not a good judge of the taste.

My recommendation for you is:  Try the diet for yourself.

Only you will be able to decide what benefits it will have on your weight and health.

You are the only one who will be able to decide if the benefits outweigh the sacrifices, in your opinion.


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Experience is the best teacher.

I hope this review of the book, Eat to Live, by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. has helped you understand the diet plan more thoroughly; and given you more information about what is contained in the book. You decide.

Will you eat to live, or live to eat?

If you would like to obtain copy of this book; you can decide for yourself if this diet is for you.

Just scroll down and then click on the Shop now banner below:

Thank you for reading. If you have any comments or questions concerning this review, please feel free to use the comment section below. I love comments! And I will do my best to answer any questions you have concerning this post.

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I would be pleased to have you take advantage of this resource. I am determined to build a site where retirees, and others, can come for helpful articles on how to improve their health in these three vital areas.


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Coconut Oil Uses for Health and Beauty

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What have you heard about coconut oil? 


Coconut oil has many uses for health and beauty purposes.  It may be taken internally or applied topically.  It has healing properties for our internal organs and also our skin and hair.

Coconut oil used to be thought of as a bad fat because of it’s 92% saturated fat content. In recent years, coconut oil has regained it’s proper standing. Though most of it’s fat is saturated, it is in the form of medium chain triglycerides. As opposed to short and long chain fats, the medium chain triglycerides react much differently when consumed.


What are medium chain triglycerides made up of?


The MCTs contain three types of fat. Lauric acid, which is beneficial for immune function, caprylic acid which has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, and Capric acid which has both antimicrobial, and immune boosting properties.


What is the difference between medium chain fatty acids

and long chain fatty acids?


Medium chain fatty acids need not be broken down to be digested and absorbed. Therefore they are sent directly to the liver for digestion. Since they need no bile or pancreatic enzymes to break them down, they are healthy fats. Also going straight to the liver produces more energy and may increase the metabolism. The medium chain and short chain fatty acids, such as are in coconut oil, are healthier for people who have certain health conditions, such as gall bladder disease, high colesterol, or diabetes.


On the other hand, long chain fatty acids need to go through a digestive process that usually starts in the small intestine. They must be broken down before our body can use them. This is accomplished by the use of bile acids and lipases. In the small intestine, the bile acids emulsify the long chain fatty acids, and the lipases break down the monoglycerides and triglycerides. These smaller fatty acids are absorbed through the intestinal wall and then carried into the body through the lymph system.


How does coconut oil benefit our health?


Coconut oil’s antimicrobial and antibacterial properties are healing for our bodies. The lauric acid and capric acid have immune boosting properties. The medium chain fatty acids contained in coconut oil don’t need to be broken down in the small intestine.  They go directly to the liver, and produce energy.


Coconut oil is beneficial for many health conditions.


Coconuts, Palm Tree, Green, Leaves, Tree


Below is a list of some of the benefits of coconut oil for our health:


When consumed daily coconut oil may:


  • Be an immediate source of energy
  • Help speed weight loss
  • Help with anxiety and depression
  • Improve sleep
  • Boost hormone production
  • Increase absorption of calcium and magnesium
  • Support thyroid function
  • Improve insulin levels
  • Aids digestion and infections of the gut like candida
  • Contribute to focus and mental performance
  • Provide immune support


When used externally, regular use of coconut oil may:


  • Help skin heal faster from an injury or infection
  • Relieve hemorrhoids
  • Boost circulation
  • Whiten and remineralize teeth
  • Rid the body of cellulite
  • Moisturize skin
  • Be an anti aging facial moisturizer
  • Heal skin irritations
  • Kill yeast infections
  • Soothe itching
  • Help speed healing of ear infections
  • Softens impacted wax

Cooking with coconut oil:


Wok, Stir-Fry, Vegetables, Chinese


  • Remains stable at high temperatures
  • Doesn’t go rancid quickly
  • Contains beneficial nutrients
  • Roll vegetables in it for roasting
  • Fry foods without the guilt
  • Use in baked goods for healthier fat


Other ways to consume coconut oil:


Rose, Coffee, Cups, Foam, Drink


  • Use a tablespoon in your morning coffee
  • Incorporate into smoothies
  • Slip into your favorite recipes
  • Use as a substitute for other oils
  • Add to any hot food to add flavor and nutrition


Beautify with coconut oil:


  • Use as moisture lotion
  • Excellent eye makeup remover
  • May lighten age spots when applied regularly
  • May be used as a low SPF sunscreen
  • Moisturizes lips
  • After shower cream
  • Rub on cuticles for nail health and growth
  • Massage lotion
  • Natural deodorant
  • Personal lubricant (won’t disturb vaginal flora)
  • Heal dry skin or skin irritations


Women, Model, Sauna, Beauty, Girl


Coconut oil for hair :


  • Acts as a hair mask or hot oil treatment
  • Moisturizes and nourishes dry hair
  • Conditions and promotes shine
  • Heal scalp irritations
  • Reduce dandruff


Use as a base for creams, lotions, lip balms, etc.


Coconut oil may be used as a base for making homemade creams and lotions. Other oils may be added for a fragrant massage oil. It may be used in homemade soap or homemade lip balm. It can be mixed with sugar as a soothing body scrub in the shower. Or mixed with salt to remove dry skin on feet. It can be whipped with shea butter for a body balm. If mixed with baking soda it makes a whitening tooth paste.


Healing herbs may be steeped, strained and mixed for a healing cream.


Dried, Leaf, Plant, Natural, Leaves

I used to make a healing cream for my elderly parents with coconut oil for the base. I used comfrey leaves, calendula flowers, rosemary, vitamin e oil, honey, aloe from aloe plants and anything I could think of with healing properties. I added some bees wax to keep it firm. Coconut oil is firm when stored in a cooler place; but melts down to an oil in a warmer place.

Comfrey (also called bone knit) is good for healing broken bones. I started making this healing cream when my mother fell and broke her arm in two places. It also helps to fade black and blue marks faster. It is not recommended for open skin wounds. It may heal the skin so fast that an infection could be healed over before it is able to drain. It worked wonderfully to keep my dad’s bottom from getting open sores, as long as it was used regularly.


Coconut oil for our pets:


Coconut oil is also a healthy oil to give our pets, or use topically for skin problems.


Bernese Mountain Dog, Canine, Tabby


Given internally it will help with digestive problems and some allergies. It may improve their health and prevent infections.


Rubbed into skin or brushed through their coat, it helps with skin allergies, fleas, mites, and dry skin. It also is good for itchy skin and helps heal sores from scratching. It may be helpful for ear mites or itchy ears.
Cats: Start with 1/4 teaspoon and gradually increase gradually to a tablespoon


Dogs: Small dogs start with 1/2 teaspoon, medium 3/4 teaspoon, and large dogs 1 teaspoon
Increase gradually to 1 to 2 tablespoons
What type of coconut oil should I use?


There are different kinds of coconut oil. It can be confusing as to which kind is best. Be sure to choose a virgin or extra virgin coconut oil, or organic unrefined coconut oil; especially if you are going to ingest it. There are many good kinds of coconut oil. You can consult the web for the best choices.


I personally like the extra virgin coconut oil from Swanson Vitamins. It is packaged in a dark container so it stays fresh longer. I like the coconut taste and smell; but if you don’t they do have some that doesn’t have a taste. It is reasonably priced and I usually buy more at a time if there is a sale on.  You can buy it from Amazon below.  Simply scroll down and click on Shop now.


Want a larger container?


I hope this post has helped you understand some of the ways you can use coconut for your health and beauty. There are more uses, I’m sure. If you want more information, just type something like “Uses for coconut oil” into your search bar. There is much information to be found on the internet


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below. Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on this subject; or if you can think of other uses. What are your experiences with using coconut oil for health. Have you received benefits from using coconut oil? Do you have any good recipes you would like to share? Do you make your own creams, soaps or lip balms? I would love to hear from you.


I hope you stop in again. I love company!
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Disclaimer:  I am not a medical doctor.  The information contained in this post was obtained by various sources on the internet and from personal experiences.  I can say with some authority that unless you are allergic to coconut oil; it will not harm you.  I can testify from personal experience of coconut oil’s healing properties, it’s value as a moisture cream, and some of the other claims herein.  I cannot guarantee that everyone will have the same results.  I love coconut oil and am very pleased at some of the results that I have experienced using it.  If you have any concerns, please check with your physician or veterinarian, before taking yourself or giving to your pets.


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Apple Cider Vinegar for Health Issues