About Me

Hello. I’m Jeannie.

It’s nice to meet you. You are always welcome at this site.

I assume since you are reading this page, you must want to know more about me. Are you sure you want to know? Okay. I’ll start at the beginning.

They say a lady never reveals her age so I’ll give you my birth date and let you figure it out. I was born, a little late for Christmas, on December 26,1947. This was a bit of an inconvenience since the day after Christmas was butchering day.

I spend the next few years learning about life on a Pennsylvania potato farm. I was the youngest of four children. Our parents lived and worked on a farm belonging to my Dad’s aunt.

In 1958 we moved from the farm to the house my parents lived in until they died. They say “you can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl”. I still have some country ways about me.

I have varied interests and passions, but since I don’t want to bore you I’ll just mention a few.

I love being able to help others with a word of encouragement or a piece of information that is helpful to them.  That is the real purpose of this site.  To be a source of information for seniors.

And I love animals. My favorites are cats and horses.  But give me anything furry including Teddy Bears and soft blankets and I’m happy.  I inherited my mother’s parakeet named Tweety.  I guess I like feathers too.  He’s my little “green and yellow fella”.

I’ve been creatively and artistically inclined ever since I was small. My mother entered me to sing in talent contests at the age of five. I was a very shy child, but in front of the mike I found my voice.

I pursued artwork in school. I even squeezed some in around raising my two children. I tried to make a living with my artwork by selling and commissioning pictures and wood burnings.  I found I needed a steady income so I went back to secretarial.

I found secretarial work boring and unfulfilling, at least after the learning part of my job was finished. I didn’t feel free to use my creative nature and I felt like I wanted to contribute more to the world around me.

I decided to make a career change in mid-life. I took a course and became a CNA. It was easy to secure positions as nursing assistant. I loved taking care of elderly people. There was never a dull moment. But nursing homes are understaffed. I found it hard to cut corners in people’s care.

When my daughter and son began their families they needed child care they could trust so taking care of my grandchildren became my “job” for a few years.

When the grandchildren got older, I went back to secretarial. When that temporary job ended I took a position as teacher’s assistant for a preschool. I worked part time with children at preschool and part time with the elderly as a PCA at a personal care home. You’d be surprised at the similarities between the the very young and the very old.  🙂

During this time my creative nature was making a comeback in the form of performing at gospel concerts and writing songs. I learned to play guitar for accompaniment.  Some of my songs have a country sound, but my growing faith influenced me toward gospel.

I was also being called to be in in the Lord’s service. I took courses and completed my Associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Ministry. I was ordained by the laying on of hands and prayer. I preach at nursing homes and substitute for my pastor sometimes at church. I love expounding on the Word of God and am very humbled by His presence in my life. I also serve as Worship Leader in my church.  I’ve officiated at several marriage ceremonies. I haven’t been asked to do any funerals yet. But where the Lord opens a door I always try to go through.

My parents were getting elderly and needing help so I quit my child care job to help them. When they began to need more care I took early retirement to have a source of income and more time to devote to caring for their needs. Eventually they needed around the clock care so I hired staff. I was blessed to find good caring people who learned to love my parents.

I learned a lot about the changing needs and care of the elderly during the nine years I provided care for my parents. I will be sharing some of that knowledge with you on this site. Keep checking back. I will be adding helpful articles and information for seniors and caretakers.

Sadly my parents, who are pictured in this site have passed on. My mother lived to be 97 and my dad died exactly two weeks before his 99th birthday. I loved them and I was left with a big void to fill.  Taking care of them had been my purpose for so long.  Now I needed to find new purpose.

I wanted to start something productive so I decided to learn about internet marketing. I joined a community called Wealthy Affiliate. I’m learning, growing and using my creative side. But there’s something even better than that. Community. I don’t feel alone and I’m not learning alone. We learn from each other and encourage one another. I love it. I’m not sure where this new chapter will lead me but I’m excited for the journey.  You can see my Wealthy Affiliate Profile here:


This website is for the purpose of helping seniors in as many areas as possible.

I’m excited to start passing on what I’ve learned to benefit seniors, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

Come back often friend, you’re always welcome.

Comments and questions are encouraged and most welcome on this site. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I will do my best to find an answer.

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Thank you.

At your service,