Apple Cider Vinegar for Health Issues

What is apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is simply vinegar that is made from fermented apple cider.  Apple cider vinegar may be used for many health issues.  A list of some of the benefits are listed later in this post.


What is in apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar contains – acetic acid, malic acid, pectin and potassium.  It has anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties.  These qualities make it healing for many health issues.


Will apple cider vinegar be too much acid?

Even though apple cider vinegar is acidic; it has an alkaline affect on our bodies.  Many people recommend drinking it as a tonic. 



One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and one tablespoon of honey, in one cup of warm water. 


If you prefer cold drinks;

One tablespoon in a glass of water. (may be sweetened if desired)


What health issues could be helped by the use of apple cider vinegar?

This is quite an impressive list; and by no means complete:

High cholesterol, joint pain, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, leg cramps, weight loss, allergies, acne, dandruff, chronic fatigue, candida, sore throat, ear infections, gum infections, sinus infections, flu, acid reflux, plus it helps dissolve kidney stones and lowers blood pressure, it may help type2 diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity.  Since it contains potassium, it promotes cell tissue growth.

It may be put on blemishes for faster healing.  Mixed with water it can be used as a skin tonic.  Some say you can heal skin tags by putting vinegar on and a band-aid and changing it each night.  I use it as an anti fungal to keep from getting a rash under my breasts.  It also may be used for sunburn.  It soothes the pain and may stop peeling.  It can soothe the itch of hives and insect bites.


Can I substitute white vinegar for apple cider vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is often chosen over white vinegar for many health issues.  Although they both contain acidic acid; apple cider vinegar may have more anti fungal, anti viral, and antibacterial properties. 

This is my personal opinion: 

White vinegar may be substituted; but apple cider vinegar is most likely better for detoxifying.

Apple cider vinegar with the “mother of vinegar” still present in it, is an even better choice.


What is “mother of vinegar”?

“Mother of vinegar” is a bacterial substance that forms in vinegar.  It may look slimy or cloudy in appearance, or form web like strands.  It is made up of an acidic form of bacteria that helps ferment the apple cider to turn it to vinegar, when it mixes with oxygen in warm air.  It is harmless and may be filtered out by using a coffee filter, or simply left in.  Some people feel that there are many health benefits connected to the “mother of vinegar”, especially anti fungal and anti bacterial properties.


If you are buying your vinegar from the grocery store shelf, please be aware that most of these products have gone though a pasteurization process to remove the “mother of vinegar”  Many believe that killing the “mother of vinegar” also kills most of the nutrients that produce the health promoting properties.  That is why it is recommended to buy apple cider vinegar that hasn’t had the “mother of vinegar” processed out.  The vinegar that still contains the “mother of vinegar” is generally more expensive.  However, many people believe that it is more beneficial, and therefore worth the difference in price. 

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With all the benefits attached to apple cider vinegar; why aren’t more people using it as a tonic?  Perhaps it is lack of knowledge, or maybe it is the very sour taste.  It could be the acidic nature, which can give you a little burn going down; especially if not enough water is added.

However, if you are creative it is possible to make the vinegar more palatable.  It can be mixed with juices; such as, apple juice, grape juice, pomegranate or lemon.  It may be sweetened with artificial sweeteners or sugar.  For a hot drink it may be added to certain teas and sweetened.


Drink, Mulled Cider, Alcohol, Hot


What else could we drink that promises to lower our blood pressure, help with our arthritis and rheumatism, aid in our digestion and acid reflux, help us lose weight, fight candida and many other infections, dissolve kidney stones, help with Type 2 Diabetes by improving insulin sensitivity, and promote cell growth from the potassium it contains,  plus, the acidic acid may protect us from cancer, and it helps with various skin irritations and abnormalities.


If I was to try to list all the health benefits of vinegar, I would be sitting here typing all day.  Some say it is the elixir of youth.  It is purported to give us more energy and stamina as we grow older.  And since it cures or helps many of the health concerns of the elderly; it may help us live longer, more active lives.


What have we got to lose?  What’s a little bit of sour on our tongue, as compared to all the benefits?


Lady, Young, Woman, Girl, Female, Person


I have just started drinking apple cider vinegar and water.  I will let you know if I am feeling better in a few weeks.  I sure hope it helps with joint pain; because the old knees have been giving me some trouble lately.  I also have acid reflux.  It would be very nice to have some relief from that terrible burning in my stomach, and acid filled reflux burning the whole way up my throat.  Maybe I will save on antacids, too.  I tend to have some candida overgrowth at times.  Especially if I have to take an antibiotic.  🙁    The other thing I have is nasty sinus trouble.  Oh yeah, and I wouldn’t mind losing some weight either.


I stand to benefit from this new addition to my health care, in many different ways!


I hope you have gleaned some information from this post. And that the information contained will help you decide if this is something that you would like to add to your diet.  That decision, my friend, is entirely up to you and your physician.


If you need more information, there is much to be found on the internet about this subject.  Just type almost anything about vinegar and health in to your search engine.  You will then be supplied with a wealth of information on this subject.


Thank you for visiting this website.  I love company.  Come back again soon.  I will be adding new content weekly.


Please feel free to use the comment section below for your comments and questions.  Your thoughts are important to me.  If there are any questions, I will go to great lengths to get them answered for you.  I love comments!


At your service,




Disclaimer:  This post is for information only.  I am not a medical doctor.  I have gathered this information to give you an idea of the benefits of vinegar for your health issues.  I am in no way endorsing the use of vinegar instead of your physician’s recommendations for you..  Please consult your physician before using vinegar for any of your ailments.  Thank you.




4 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar for Health Issues

  1. Hi, thanks for the information about vinegar. I am interested in this and had just started up doing this, since I kept hearing snippets from everywhere that it’s a good thing. Now I know more about why. I have large freckle on my hands, have had most of my life. They are worse now that I am older, of course. I had bought a toner that has vinegar in it and decided I did not want to smell like that at work. I set it aside, but I read that it’s good for getting rid of freckles. I daub it on with a cotton ball twice a day and the appearance of the spots is lighter. Only problem, I forget to do this all the time! Also, I need to lower my cholesterol. I hope this will help. I can’t take the drugs for that. They cause problems similar to tendinitis. Thanks!

    • Hi Lynnette.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article on vinegar for health issues. I had just started back to taking it again when I wrote this post. I started with one glass and now I am drinking 2 or 3 glasses a day. It is really helping with my reflux. I was needing to chew many tums to get through the day; but now, most days, I don’t have to take any. I think it is helping with my energy level, too.

      I’m glad that it is working on lightening the spots for you. I can’t take the cholesterol lowering drugs either. I think that the vinegar should help with that. I haven’t had mine checked lately. Let me know how it works for you.

      Thanks for stopping by. Come back again sometime. I will be adding more health content within the next couple weeks. I want to do one on the benefits of coconut oil. I love it. It has so many health benefits and healing properties.

      At your service,


  2. Wow! There are so many benefits of apple cider vinegar! I have acid reflux too and once in a while, I have candida. I just developed sinus. The doc said my sinus is mild, nothing to worry about – but it’s been disturbing me! I have stopped taking the antacid for my reflux because I read somewhere that says prolonged use of antacid is not advisable. Thus, I’ve been consuming everything non-chemical, natural and organic to help relieve my reflux. The burning up on my throat was so bad once but over time it has become better. I’m very interested to try this cider vinegar – what with all the other added benefits! Thanks for the great review. 🙂

    • Hi Snow White.

      Thanks for visiting my site and commenting. I love company, and I love comments. 🙂

      Yes, there are many health benefits to drinking apple cider vinegar tonic. I hope you decide to give it a try. I haven’t been using it for long and I just drink one glass a day; but I think it has made a difference in my acid reflux already. I stopped taking antacid prescribed by my doctor for the same reason as you; but I had so much burning and reflux that I still had to consume some antacid tablets that compare to tums. I like the wintergreen. 🙂 Since drinking the apple cider vinegar tonic, I have been able to cut the antacid tablets down considerably. With time, maybe I won’t need them either.

      I hope you come back often.

      At your service,


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