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Hi Friends.


I wrote a post on November 17, called Apple Cider Vinegar for Health Issues.  The post was written to inform you of the different health benefits

attributed to apple cider vinegar.  I had just started drinking apple cider vinegar in water.  I told you that I would report to you in a couple months

if I experienced any of the health benefits.  I’m willing to be the guinea pig in this experiment to see if the health claims are true.  I will be just as

honest as I can about how I am feeling.  There are no guarantees that we would react the same; because everyone is different.  But I will report to

you what has happened to me health wise since I started to drink the ACV and water.


It is the beginning of January and I have been using ACV for approximately a month and a half.  I started with one glass a day.  Then after about

a week, I raised my intake to two glasses.  Once in a while, I forget, and only get one glass drank.  Starting tomorrow, friends, I’m raising my intake

to three glasses a day.  I’m also going to mix it the night before, so that it is less likely I will forget.



The most noticeable benefit is, that I have much less heartburn and acid reflux.  I was taking many

antacids a day to combat the dreaded burning and reflux I was experiencing.  I can sometimes go

days without any now. If I take any antacid, it is usually at night when I lay down; because it gets

worse in the prone position.




I must say though, that if I eat the wrong foods (which I did over the holidays)  the heartburn

and reflux has a tendency to come back, so diet has a lot to do with it.


Another thing that has changed for the better is, I believe that I have less sinus problems.

I’m not completely free of this menace; but it is reduced considerably since drinking the

ACV and water.  Perhaps with a little more time I will have even better results.



I have lost weight (over 10 pounds) but I have been dieting, (except for a day or to right at the holidays).  I can’t really say if it is the ACV or my diet,

or maybe both?  Years ago I met a woman who claimed that the ACV and water she was drinking was how she lost weight and kept it off.  She was

very slim, and though I had just met her, I was impressed.  If you would like to try ACV for yourself, simply click on the Shop now.



As far as the arthritis though, I have not really noticed a difference yet.  Perhaps it will take more time, or maybe it is not one of the things that will

change because of drinking the ACV.  Losing the weight hasn’t really helped with the arthritis pain yet either.





My blood pressure has only been taken once, at the dentist’s office, and it was pretty good;

but it was already leveling off for me, so I’m not sure if the ACV helped with it or not.






I will keep you updated.  I will post another post in about a month.  We will see if raising the intake to to three glasses a day improves my health.


Thanks for visiting.  I love company.  I hope you come back again.


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At your service,




2 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar Use Review

  1. Hi!

    I really enjoyed reading your blog! The picture on the top is so cute 🙂 Just curious have you ever tried apple cider or was this your first time? How long do you plan on drinking it? Do you only recommend it for elderly people? I think I’m going to start it because there is no harm starting earlier but just curious your thoughts! Hope to hear back! OO can you put it in smoothies?

    • Hi.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I think I had tried it for just a short period of time a long time ago; but I don’t remember the results.

      I don’t just recommend it for elderly people, after all I am using it. Just kidding. It has health benefits for any age group. Yes, you can start it. You may want to read my first article, Apple Cider Vinegar Use Health Benefits to see some of the different things ACV can be used for.

      I see no reason you couldn’t put it in smoothies, but if you are using milk, I am wondering if it would curdle. I will have to try it and let you know.

      Thanks again for commenting. I enjoyed your visit. Come back again sometime. I enjoyed your company.


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