Decorating Your Artificial Tree for Each Holiday

Hi friends.


The Christmas and New Year Holidays are over; but if you have an artificial tree, you can leave it up

all year round. There are many ideas for decorating your artificial tree for each holiday during the

remainder of the year.


In this post, I will give you some examples of how I have decorated my tree for each holiday in 2016.

You may think of other holidays you want to include and that’s just fine.  Have fun with it.


You may be thinking, “Oh this sounds like too much work” or “I don’t have the time”. But it is actually

rather fun and doesn’t take much time. Since you aren’t putting the tree up. and taking it down, it is

pretty easy. Some of the decorations may be left on the tree, and the new decorations added.  For

instance, if I have angels on my tree from Christmas, I can let them on for Valentine’s Day. Then

just add hearts, lace, or any other appropriate decorations for the Valentine’s Day Tree.


The first thing you need is an artificial tree that already has lights on. Preferably not one that is overly

large. You can put it in an out of the way corner, so it doesn’t interfere with your everyday life.


Yet there it is! A thing of beauty for you to enjoy all year long.


I bought my tree several years ago.  I think I paid around $35 for it.  I was tired of cleaning up pine

needles, and I loved the fiber-optic lights. If you don’t have one, shop around until you get a good buy.

Or you can buy a second hand tree for much cheaper. Just make sure it is in good condition.


This is the tree I started with. A basic artificial tree. Mine has fiber-optic lights that twinkle and also

regular lights that were already on it when I purchased the tree.




If your tree doesn’t have any lights, that’s okay.


Just add your own.


You will only have to put them on once anyway.



The wonderful thing about decorating your tree all year long is; you don’t have to put the lights

on and take them off; and you don’t have to get the tree out before Christmas, and put it away

after.  No more trips to the garage, or attic for the tree.

It is already there; so you just decorate!


Of course, the first tree we will be decorating is our Christmas Tree.

Christmas tree 2015

Here is mine from 2015/2016


After Christmas is over, simply survey your tree to see what decorations can stay for Valentine’s Day,

and what must go. Hearts are always beautiful for Valentine’s Day. Red, white, silver and pink are good

colors. Angels or cherubs are also fit into the Valentine’s Day theme.  Maybe you don’t have any hearts

(which I didn’t). Any dollar store will have cheap decorations close to the season.


I picked out some glittery hearts. Then I went home and used red craft foam to make more. Get creative,

if you have the time. Use scraps of ribbon, pieces of lace, valentine cutouts, etc. For impact, hearts

can be cut with pinking sheers. Then glue a small red heart to a larger white heart and back with an

even larger red heart. Experiment. You will be surprised at what you come up with.  If you just start

doing something creative it will fuel your creative side, and you may amaze yourself and others with

something beautiful!  Best of all, it will be something you created!


Valentine’s Day Tree

This is my Valentine’s Day Tree.




You can use your Christmas hooks to hang decorations. If they have a

string, simply hook on that.  If not, poke a hole to put the hook in.

It is easier to use the metal hooks than the little strings.


Oh my, Valentine’s Day is over already. You can let the decorations on for

the rest of the month, if you want. The next holiday I decorated for was

St. Patrick’s Day. There is a Dollar Tree Store in my area (everything a

dollar or less); but any Dollar Store will sell cheap decorations.

I found some shamrock at Dollar Tree.



Shamrock, Green, Clover, Irish

You can make your own by drawing 3 hearts with

their points together and putting a stem on.

Then cut them out of green craft foam or

felt (backed with cardboard).


I found a cute leprechaun hat that I used for the tree top.


St. Patrick’s Day Tree

Here is a picture of my St. Patrick’s Day Tree.



The next holiday I decorated for was Easter. Good color choices for Easter are pastels: pink, purple,

yellow, orange, blue, etc. I found a little pink stuffed lamb to use for a tree topper. Ideas for Easter

could be: lambs, chicks, eggs, bunnies, baskets, ribbons, etc. I used mostly plastic eggs and some chicks

on this tree.  The crosses and angels were already on from Christmas and Valentine’s Day.


Easter Tree

This is my Easter Tree.



Your Easter Tree decorations can stay on all through April, if you like. When May comes, I think of

spring flowers. I used some large flowers I found at Dollar Tree. I filled in with smaller flowers.

I also found some large sparkly butterflies. I really liked my Spring Flower & Butterfly Tree.

I left it up until near the end of June.


Butterfly and Flower Tree

Here is my Spring Flower

& Butterfly Tree.



At the end of June or the first of July, you can decorate for Independence Day. I found some red,

white and blue bows and a big one for a tree topper at the Dollar Tree. You could go with red white

and blue flowers, or streamers that look like fireworks.


4th of July Tree

Here is my Fourth of July Tree.

(Or Independence Day Tree)


Oh my. Is it August already?


I found August a little more difficult to find a theme; but I went with sunflowers and I loved my

Sunflower Tree so much I left it up right through September,October and November.

(Or maybe I just got too busy)

In September I added some autumn leaves around the bottom of the tree.


Here is my Sunflower Tree:


If you want, you could make an Autumn Leaf Tree for September.

It could have acorns or pine cones, too

Leaf, Autumn, Leaves, Forest, Red Leaf

Ribbons and bows of autumn colors would be nice.

Colors for autumn: brown, orange, red, yellow and green.

Autumn, Decoration, Fall, Food, Fresh

October could be a Halloween tree. Ghosts, pumpkins, black cats, apples, etc.

October colors are similar to Autumn; but black and orange are the main

ones used. Next year; perhaps I will have a black cat and pumpkin tree.


Cat, Black, Animal, Grass, Concerns

Your October Decorations could remain on the tree into November, or you could let your pumpkins

or orange and black ribbons on and add turkeys and/or cornucopias for a Thanksgiving Tree.

Or make your own pumpkin, turkey or cornucopia cut outs from craft foam and write something

you are thankful for on each one.


When the family comes for dinner, they can join in the fun

by adding their decoration with their own personal thanks message.


Oh My! It’s the end of November before you know what happened!

It’s time to put the fall decorations away and bring the Christmas

decorations back out. We are starting all over again.

But didn’t we have fun? I know I certainly did!


My Christmas Tree for 2016/2017



What will the decorations cost?

I am on a fixed income and can not afford to spend a lot for decorating. If you use the same decorations

over again, just varying slightly so your tree doesn’t look quite the same as it did the year before;

your cost will be a one time investment. Or if you have time, you could make a lot of your decorations.

I didn’t have much time; so I went to the Dollar Store. 🙂


I think I paid around four to eight dollars for each holiday;

but I will use them again this year and next, etc.



When each holiday ends, pack up your decorations into a box

and label with the holiday name, ie:  Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.

They will be ready and waiting for you when that holiday arrives the next year.

In conclusion:

I had a lot of fun throughout 2015, decorating my tree for each holiday, and I have every intention of

doing the same this year.  My Christmas tree is still up; but it will soon be turning into my Valentine’s

Day Tree. And I will be enjoying my tree all year long in 2016.


I hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas for decorating your own Christmas tree for each holiday

all year round. It is so much fun.  Your visitors and family will love looking at the different holiday trees.

There are so many variations you can come up with. The possibilities are endless.


If you do this every year and have some ideas to pass on; or you have any comments or questions about

the contents of this post, please use the comments section below.


I love comments and I will answer them all.

Your thoughts are important to me and I would like to know if there

are others doing something similar with their artificial trees.


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6 thoughts on “Decorating Your Artificial Tree for Each Holiday

  1. Hello,
    What a nice idea to continue decorating your tree for each holiday. I have never thought of doing that. It is a very good idea to use it again and decorating each holiday with different decorations. I liked all the decorated trees in the pictures that you have included in your article but I have chosen two trees as my favourites. The Valentine’s day tree and the sunflower tree. Keep up the good work. !!!

    • Hi.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I am glad you like the idea. I have a lot of fun with it. I think my favorite two are the Spring flower and butterfly tree and the Sunflower tree. I just decorated my tree a little early for Valentine’s Day. It looks a little different than last year. Have fun if you decide to try it. 🙂

      I hope you visit again sometime. I love company. I’m just preparing a post on the superstitions my mother used to have. I think that will fit under the same parent page.


  2. What a great idea. My wife decided to go with a table top tree this past season. It’s now the 12th and it’s setting striped. I’m going to have her take a look at your website and I bet that she’ll love this idea over tucking it away til the end of the year.

    Thank you for posting this. God bless

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope your wife likes the idea. It is a lot of fun. It doesn’t take much money; especially if you make your own decorations and get creative. I like to turn it on, especially on a cold winter evening. With it on and the electric fireplace going; it is so homey and cozy. I hope she has fun.


  3. Hi. What a great idea and something a lot of people would never consider. I love putting the tree up at xmas, and it’s always sad when it has to go away. I know there are a lot of people who keep a Christmas tree up all year, but it makes a lot more sense that your tree changes with the seasons. I think what you have done is a great idea, and the good thing is you can be as creative as you want.

    • Hi Daniel.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes. I always felt sad to put the Christmas tree away, too. Now I feel happy, because I know it will just change as the holidays or seasons change.

      And you are right. We can be as creative as we want. I am hoping that it catches on and becomes a tradition. It is a great way to express your creativity, and quite a conversation piece when visitors see the differently decorated tree. Most people think it is time consuming; but it really doesn’t take much time, and it is rewarding to see your new tree take shape.

      Thanks for stopping by. Come back again sometime.


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