How Can I Improve My Immune System?

How is your immune system? Do you hardly ever get a cold or a virus? Or do you catch everything you come in contact with? Are you asking yourself, “How can I improve my immune system”?


Perhaps you get infections easily. Maybe every little scrape or cut or bite seems to get infected. This too can be a sign that your immune system is not working as efficiently as it could.



What is my immune system?


Medical definition of immune system from


Immune system: A complex system that is responsible for
distinguishing a person from everything foreign to him or her and for protecting his or her body against infections and foreign substances.


How to improve your immune system.


Get sufficient rest



It is important to get enough sleep each night for overall health. Most people require 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night. It is also important to take rests from our labors periodically; especially as we get older.


Better Sleep – Better Life


Exercise regularly


Exercise comes easily to most healthy young people. Sometimes we tend to exercise less as we get older; because we have more aches and pains and less energy. But it is even more important to get regular exercise as we age. We may have to change how we do some exercises or substitute more age appropriate exercises for our routines; but exercise is so important.



Eat a balanced diet


It is important to eat healthy as we get older. We should be including lots of leafy green vegetables, and other colorful vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds and beans (legumes).


As we add the healthy natural foods; we can limit our intake of sweet and salty snacks. If you have diabetes or heart problems, this is even more important. If you are prone to yeast infections, remember that yeast feeds on sugar.


Remember to drink plenty of water and other liquids. Water flushes out impurities and helps our kidneys function better. Infusing your water with lemon or other fruits makes your water intake even healthier.


Our Body Needs Water


Fresh air and sunshine


Getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine can also improve our mental and physical health. Taking a brisk walk outside can improve our mood as well as our physical health.



The vitamin D found in sunshine is very important to our immune systems. It has long been known for it’s role in healthy bones and teeth; but it has been found to also play a role in helping our immune system. A vitamin D deficiency can predispose you to a number of diseases and viruses.





While the best way to get our vitamins and minerals is from our diet; as we get older, we may not absorb the nutrients as well as we did in our younger days. There are many supplements that can have a positive affect on your immune system.


Vitamin D3


Many of us don’t get enough sunshine; especially as we grow older.  While we can get vitamin D from food sources; taking a vitamin D supplement is also recommended.


The Vitamin D Council recommends that healthy adults take 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily — more if they get little or no sun exposure.



Vitamin C


Vitamin C has long been known to aid the immune system fight colds, flu and infections. It is crucial to the detoxification of the body.


The recommended daily dosage for vitamin C is at least 75 mg daily for women and 90 mg for men.





Magnesium helps control inflammation, regulate blood sugar, stabilize our nervous system, and regulates blood pressure, among other benefits.


What kind of magnesium should I take?


Magnesium comes in many forms. The most commonly sold in pharmacies is magnesium oxide. It has a poor absorption rate as compared to some of the others. Magnesium citrate is the most popular because it is inexpensive and easily absorbed.

Most places recommend a starting dose of 300 to 400mg daily. However, this may not be enough for maximum immune system repair. My advice would be to start out with this dosage. If you notice very loose bowels or diarrhea, stay at that dose. If you notice no side effects, you can gradually increase to 500mg.



Oregano oil


Oregano oil contains antibacterial properties because it contains thymol and carvacrol, which can defend us against bacteria. It may also stimulate the production of white blood cells and speed up the metabolism. Oregano oil also contains Omega 3  fatty acids which can improve heart health. It may also be used to combat sinus and respiratory infections.


Oregano oil can be used in several ways. Gel Caplets should be 400 to 500mg daily.


Oregano oil may also be used sublingually. Place 2 or 3 drops under tongue, up 3 times a day. May be mixed with olive oil or coconut oil to prevent burning.


Oregano oil may be used for sinuses. 2 or 3 drops in water brought to a boil. Take off burner and inhale steam. You can use a towel draped over your head to keep steam in.



Take Probiotics for gut health



There are good bacteria and bad bacteria in our gut. When this balance is disturbed by some health condition, or an overgrowth of yeast; it predisposes us to many health problems. Taking a good probiotic can help your body keep these bacteria in a proper balance. Accidopholis is the one most taken; but you may benefit from taking one with a broader base of live bacteria.



Take cold showers


The website www:/ states 5 health benefits of taking cold showers.


1. Burn belly fat

2. Boost recovery after exercise

3. Increase mood and alertness

4. Strengthen immunity and circulation

5. Gives you attractive hair and skin



Cold showers speed up our metabolic rate, which activates our immune system. Then virus-fighting white blood cells are released that will help you to not get sick as often. Cold showers also increase blood circulation; which may help to avoid hypertension and hardening of the arteries.


Starting out with warm water and switching to cold may help lessen the impact of starting with cold. This method may take some getting used to; but the benefits may be worth giving it a try.


I hope this post has shown you some ways to improve your immune system. If you take the ones you think you will be able to implement and try them; I would love to hear your results.


If any of you are already doing some of these things; please use the comment section below to tell us if you have noticed health benefits from what you are doing.


Please use the comment section below to give your thoughts or questions relevant to this post. Thank you. I love comments and will answer them all as time permits.


Come again soon. I post weekly, so there will something new here for you to read. I love company, and my door is always open.


*Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional.  Please check with your doctor before taking any of the supplements mentioned in this post.  The opinions contained in this post are my own and what I found by researching the web. Consult a medical professional before implementing any changes in your health care based on this post.


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4 thoughts on “How Can I Improve My Immune System?

  1. I found getting sufficient rest too greatly aid in boosting my immune system. But I later found out that I am getting addicted to sleeping.

    Instead of sleeping for 7 to 8 hours, am now hitting up to 11 hours.

    Now am worried, how will I get out of this? When I wake up and just feel sucked into sleep again and I doze off.

    Please help me.

    • Hi Dave. 

      Thanks for commenting.  Getting enough sleep is very important to overall health; but getting too much can cause much the same symptoms as not getting enough.  Drowsiness, lack of concentration and alertness, mood swings, and it actually impairs the immune system and can make you more likely to have accidents.

      Usually people have the opposite problem from you; of not getting enough sleep.  You don’t say how old you are here; but we may be more likely to dose off if we are older.  However, it usually means we are not getting enough sleep, or not getting quality sleep at night.  The only time I have a problem with sleeping too much is when I’m sick.

      The first thing I would do is have a checkup to see if your health is okay. Are you feeling depressed? I would advise you find something in your life that is more interesting to you than sleeping; and you will find yourself staying awake to pursue it.  Spend some time thinking about what interests you; and find a hobby or a business pursuit that will spark your interest.  The other thing I would say is be sure you are eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise.  I hope this helps.

      Come back again soon.  I love company and my door is always open!


  2. There is very interesting and entertaining information here. When it comes to immune systems I suspect I am doing pretty well. I seldom ever get a cold or a virus, or infections. My wife is the same way. She believes that our good health is due to the tumeric we take two or three times a week.
    We also exercise and get a good night’s sleep … that may have something to do with it too – as your article expresses.

    • Thanks for commenting.  It is good to hear that you and your wife have good immune systems.  Turmeric is another supplement that has many health benefits.  As a matter of fact I just started taking it.  I’m glad you mentioned it; since I neglected to.

      The food we eat, staying hydrated, exercise and a good nights sleep all contribute to overall health and are helpful to healthy immune function.

      Come back again soon.  I love company and my door is always open.


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