How do I Make Extra Money at Home

Maybe you are independently wealthy; and you don’t need extra money. Or maybe you are healthy enough to go out and work outside the home after your retirement. But if you are in need of extra cash and you don’t want to (or can’t) work outside the home anymore; then you may be asking, “How do I make extra money at home?”


I am assuming that since you don’t want to work outside the home; you are not up for robbing a bank either, right? Of course, if you want to look on the bright side; if you get caught you will no longer need extra money. In prison, your bills are pretty much covered. If you cherish your freedom; perhaps you would like to explore some other ways to make money at home.


Selling Handmade Arts and Crafts



If you are a crafty person, and have talent in the area of artwork, sewing or other crafts; you may be able to market the crafts you make. There are various outlets to sell your creations.


You could show your crafts at flea markets, or market them on consignment to retail stores. You would, however, have to leave your home. You could market your wares from home online with sites such as Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy. There are other sites that specialize in crafts like, or (among others).


House Sitting

House sitting is a way to make some extra money; but obviously you will have to leave your own home to house sit someone else’s home. However, once you are there, you can let it become home until the wandering owners return; ready to lace your pockets with greenbacks. Not a bad deal at all.


The trick is finding who needs someone to house sit their house. Also, it may also mean taking care of a pet or two while you are there. Just make sure you know what is expected of you.


These websites may be of assistance to you if you think you would like to try house sitting.,, or (among others).


Pet sitting

If you enjoy pets and caring for them, this may be something you would enjoy. If the person is willing to bring the pet to your home; you wouldn’t have to leave your home; except if the care demanded it (such as walking a dog)


Of course, if you pride yourself on your immaculate, pet free home; this may not be the perfect money making project for you. There are many sites online, or you can look up places in your area. Here are two: and


Sell garden produce or flowers


If you have a green thumb and a good sized garden plot; you may be able to sell your produce or starter plants. If you live on or near a main road, you can put up signs and watch the people pour into your yard to buy your fresh produce. If you don’t live in a good location; you may have to take your produce to market.


You can also start your own flowers and sell at a lower price than they sell for at the store; but you still have to have a place to sell them.  Perhaps you can make arrangements to sell them to a flower shop.


Sewing and mending

If you are good at sewing; you may be able to make extra money with your skill. Find a need and fill it with something you have sewn together. There are many ways to make money with this particular skill.


You can make new garments; such as wedding and bridesmaid dresses to sell. You can make and sell handmade quilts, if you like to hand sew. You can do embroidery very easily on the new embroidery sewing machines. The list of ways you can use this skill is practically endless.


If you aren’t into coming up with something new to sew together; you can always have people bring you their mending. Yes, some people still like to have torn garments mended as opposed to throwing them away.


You will need to advertise your services to get clientele. Hopefully, after a while, word of mouth may get you more work. Be sure this is something you like to do as well as being good at it; or it will get old quickly.


Making money online


There are many scams out there that promise that you will get rich overnight with their program, or their secret formula. They usually have a fee up front and as you get further in to the “program” there are more fees. Many people have been scammed in this way and lost money and the desire to use the internet to their advantage.


I won’t go into any of the different scams on here; but be aware that there are sites that will give reviews and point out scams. If you are thinking of attempting to make extra money on the internet; please be wary and check out any new venture you are contemplating by typing the name into Google; and “is it a scam”?.


If it sounds to good to be true;

it almost always is.




Internet marketing is not something you can make money overnight doing. It takes time, education, ability and most of all commitment. Some people are able to make money in a matter of months; however, it takes many people years to succeed in internet or affiliate marketing.


If you like working on the computer, writing, and learning new skills; and you aren’t expecting instant gratification; this may be the way for you to make extra money.


Wealthy Affiliate is the best online source for learning internet marketing; and you don’t pay anything to get started. You get a free starter membership, two free websites, and 7 free lessons. By the time you go through some of the lessons you know if you are interested in pursuing this way to learn how to make money online.



If you are interested; they offer your first month premium membership at a reduced price; which gives you another month to decide. There is a wealth of training and information at WA. It is sometimes referred to as Wealthy Affiliate University.


There is also a community of like minded people ready and willing to encourage and help you on your journey. It is a very diverse community from many different countries and various ethnic backgrounds. But I have never experienced such a caring and helpful community.


If you are lonely; this community will help to fill the void. There is only one drawback. It is very addictive. You can get so caught up in reading the interesting blogs composed by your fellow members and commenting; or writing your own blogs and answering the comments; that you forget to allow enough time for lessons and working on your website. 🙂


After your first month as a premium member; if you decide you want to continue, you have a choice to pay by the month or go yearly at a discounted rate.


There is nowhere else you can get the quality of training that you get at Wealthy Affiliate for the amount of money you pay. If you think that you might like learning internet or affiliate marketing, why not give it a try?


You have nothing to lose, and much to gain, by trying the free membership and lessons.  Just click on the link below.



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4 thoughts on “How do I Make Extra Money at Home

  1. Hey there,

    You caught my attention when you mentioned sewing. I love sewing and I do bride gowns. So you say I can make money online with them?

    I have been told by many folks I should get a website and market my business there, but I have shied away from the idea since am not too techy.

    Can you give me help with that? I want to give it a try now and I am so excited about it.

    Waiting for your response.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Dave.

      Wow! That’s great that you have sewing skills. Brides are always on the lookout for the perfect gown and bridesmaid dresses. Some spare no expense to have exactly what they want for their wedding. Yes. I think you could sell them online.

      You could get a website and market you wares there; but it takes a long time to get established. If it is your passion; go for it. You will learn the tech part as you go.

      However, sometimes we are better off selling on sites that are already established like Etsy or Shopify. Here are some sites you might want to look at:

      Good luck. Thanks for stopping by. Come back again soon. I love company.


  2. Hi Jean,

    I really enjoyed this post. You have some methods of earning extra money on your list that I wouldn’t have considered.

    Earning money online is very tempting for those on a limited budget. Many don’t know how to get started or how to avoid scams. Loved the review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Sophia.

      I just came up with things off the top of my head and then I had to research to see where readers could go to get started or get more information online. I used to sell my woodburnings by word of mouth and consignment in shops. I wasn’t so much in to internet then. So I know you can sell crafts. You might not get rich; but it brings in some extra money o help out.

      I have more ideas; but my post was getting to long and I had to stop. Lol.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope you visit again soon.


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