One Year at Wealthy Affiliate – Come Along With Me.

Hello fellow retirees and other cherished friends.


I have promised to take you along on my journey since my first affiliation with Wealthy Affiliate.  I am writing to let you know that I have just celebrated one year with Wealthy Affiliate and earned a year dedication badge.



I invite you to come along with me as I go back in time to figure out what I have learned and accomplished in one year at Wealthy Affiliate.




Previously, I had written about some of my other milestones in the following posts.


Hello Retirees!

Retire and Learn to Acquire


I remember when I first started here.  I was very much a newborn baby to Affiliate Marketing.  I knew a little about the computer; but next to nothing about working online.  First of all (just like a newborn baby), I had no idea how much there was to learn, or how much time I would actually need to put into a baby website.



However, by the 4th day of my lessons, I was creating a new website.  A baby raising a baby.  🙂  But I was so excited!  I created a website!  I expectantly went about the business of getting some pages written on my brand new website.


I wrote a “Getting Started” page, an “About me” page, and a “Privacy Policy” page.  Continuing on with the lessons, I followed the steps as closely as I could.  It felt good to be able to check off the tasks as they were completed.




I learned how to write my own posts; and got busy with the task of content.  I ran in to obstacles from time to time, and sometimes received help from the community.  Other times I figured it out for myself by trial and error. Just like a baby learning to walk; I fall down and get back up again and again.  I am still learning day by day, lesson by lesson.  I fall less, and I am walking better than ever before.


Getting involved in the Wealthy Affiliate community was very much a blessing for me.  Having recently lost my parents, whom I had been taking care of, left a void that the community filled for me.  It is amazing talking to people from all over the world.  There are some who just remain acquaintances, and others become close friends; but it has been a positive experience for me.




As I began writing blogs on the WA site; I could see my writing improving.  And reading other people’s posts was both enjoyable and informative.  Time passed quickly and I gained more and more followers. And my ranking continued to fall.  It seemed to go quickly down from 200 to 100 as you can see in the following posts.


Retired and on Fire

Top 100 at Wealthy Affiliate


Nearing the end of 2016, with my website, WA community and my own preparations for the holidays; I began to feel overwhelmed. 


My rank had fallen below 50; due to my involvement in the community.  But I found I was spending more and more time on the WA community site, and less on my lessons, my website, and my life.  I knew I would have to step back.  This post tells the story.


Another Wealthy Affiliate Goal Reached – Top 50!

I found I needed to take a little time off from the community.  For a while I turned off most of my email notifications and concentrated on my lessons and website.  During that time, my ranking went up to a little above 100.  Recently I have been spending a little more time on the WA community site in an effort to bring it back down.  I am currently ranked at 91.  I hope, with a little time, to bring it down below 50 again.



I also took some time for a vacation to Germany, (where I visited my great grandchildren twins), with a stop off in Paris. You can view my post about this vacation if you are interested.


Trip to Paris, France and Kaiserslautern, Germany – With Pictures

After recovering from my vacation, I plunged back in.  I have been writing a post a week.  I would prefer to be writing 2 or 3; but at least I am steady with one post a week.  I currently have 70 posts (counting this one) and 3 pages of content on my website.  My website and I are no longer babies; but toddlers.



I have learned how to put my posts on social media; even though I experienced fear at the thought.  I had never used social media before.  I still have much to learn and should be sharing much more; but one step at a time.  The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can learn at your own pace.


I am well aware that there are many members who have moved forward much faster than me; but that is okay.  Slowly and steadily a determined turtle won over the speeding, hopping bunny.  I’m hoping that I will be the determined turtle, slowly but steadily moving toward my dream.



There are currently 104 posts on the WA community site that I have written and published.  I have learned a lot about writing from composing these little blogs, and reading other member’s blogs.  I have gained confidence from other members liking and commenting on my creations.


It has been quite a journey.  I have absorbed a vast amount of information, even though I am moving through my lessons like a turtle.  I wanted to finish my Certification courses before I was here a year; but it’s okay that I haven’t.  I will soon be finished.  I am on Course 5, which is the last course.  Then I will start working on Boot Camp again.



Fear held me back from creating a training for a long time.  I felt most of the things I knew about had been covered over and over again.  I had a struggle coming up with a subject; but I did.  I created my first training.  I should be creating another one soon.  Here it is, if it is of interest to you.


What I am trying to tell you is this:  If I can come in as a newborn baby to internet affiliate marketing and learn what I have learned, and accomplished what I have accomplished; then so can you!  And probably much faster and better than me.  🙂


If you would like to start this journey for yourself, today is the day.  There is no need to wait.  You could be on your own journey to fulfilling your dreams. 


You can continue to follow me on my journey, or you can start for free at Wealthy Affiliate.  Just click below to get started. Today is the first day of the rest of your life!  Make it count for something.  Learn, grow, gain friends and confidence and use your creative side at Wealthy Affiliate.





If you have questions or comments pertaining to this post; please use the comment section below.  Your thoughts are important to me, and I will answer all comments in a timely manner.


Come back again soon.  My door is always open and I love company!


At your service,










4 thoughts on “One Year at Wealthy Affiliate – Come Along With Me.

  1. Loved the page I am glad you have had much success at WA I still have a long way to go after reading your page it gives me more determination to continue into making my dream come true thank you for the inspiration and continue writing great stuff wish you all the best.

    • Hi Tom. 

      We are on a journey; not a sprint. I remind myself of that if I get impatient about my progress. You know the old saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Neither is an online business. Keep chasing your dream; when it stops to rest, grab it!!

      Thanks for stopping by. Come again soon. I love company!


  2. I checked out your site. Very interesting as I have only been on here for almost a month and still learning. You certainly have a lot of post and links on your site. Congratulations on being with Wealthy Affiliate for a year. Could you explain a little more about Internet affiliate marketing?  You have a great site. 

    • Hi Jim. 

      Thanks for commenting and taking time to look over my site. 

      You asked me to explain a little more about internet affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing  is when you and your website become an affiliate with another company. You are thereby authorized to put links to their products on your site.   When a visitor to your site clicks on the link and buys something, you get a small percentage of the sale price of that item.  It is one of the ways to monetize your site. I hope I have explained to your satisfaction.

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come again soon. I love company!


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