Organize, Prioritize and Minimize

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I am currently struggling to get more organized. I am willing to bet that there are others like me. I like to be organized; but I have trouble sustaining it. Therefore let us learn together how to organize, prioritize and minimize to realize success.


Have you ever noticed how being disorganized holds you back? Or that it seems like you take one step forward, and two steps back?


Disorganization is a huge time thief. I will make a confession. I have always suffered to some extent with this character flaw. It is something I really want to overcome.


So come with me while we explore this subject further.  I am hoping that this post will spur me into action; and at the same time some of my readers, too.




You may be disorganized if:


  • If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed much of the time.

  • If you avoid inviting guests or panic at the prospect.

  • If there are moldy monsters growing in your refrigerator, and it is nearly impossible to find the food you looking for in the maze.

  • If the back seat of your vehicle resembles the garbage bin at a fast food restaurant.

  • If there is usually a stack of mail on your table or desk.

  • If you find yourself shuffling through bills, looking for that one that you know is due tomorrow, without success.

  • If it seems like you just had something yesterday, and today you are hunting all over the house for it without success.

  • If you have stacks or boxes of old magazines, catalogs, and outdated miscellaneous.

  • If you have a junk room and several miscellaneous junk drawers.

  • If you walk into the kitchen and find a sink full of dishes and cluttered counter tops.

  • If there is a stack of dirty clothes in your bedroom.

  • If there are stacks of clean folded clothes on your dresser, or dryer.

  • If your computer work space is cluttered with papers, notebooks, pencils and papers, with no apparent order.


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  • If you often forget important things like doctor and dentist appointments.

  • If the calendar is always on the previous month.

  • If you plan to do 5 things in a day and only get 2 or less done.

  • If interruptions throw off your whole day, and you have trouble getting back on track.

  • If you feel that, if you bring one more thing in the house, you will have to move out.


I could go on and on; but I want to concentrate on why we want to become more organized and some strategies for becoming more organized.


Why should we become more organized?


Stress, Pressure, Anxiety, Angst


  • Lack of organization causes stress.

  • Being disorganized leaves us with a feeling of being overwhelmed

  • Since stress has a negative effect on our health; we may experience better health once we get more organized.

  • A cluttered life contributes to a cluttered mind.

  • A cluttered mind results in forgetting things and losing things, which causes more stress.

  • We will not need to panic when someone calls to say they are coming right over.

  • We won’t feel our heart drop to our feet when company asks to use our bathroom.

  • We won’t want to crawl in a hole when the refrigerator door is opened.

  • We won’t need to hurry and clean the piles of mail off of the table to make a space for someone to sit their plate down.

  • We won’t be embarrassed when someone needs to move all the garbage aside to ride in in the back seat of our vehicle.

  • We will have more time for relaxing or spending time with family or friends; if we are not spending the time hunting something we have lost; etc.



What are some strategies for becoming more organized?


Plan ahead.


To Do List, Do, List, Tasks, Pen, Plan

Make to do lists. Write down what you want to remember. Keep a calendar of upcoming events, and check it regularly. Make a habit of looking at the calendar or your cell in the morning and noticing what day it is. If something is coming up in a couple days or a bill is due; write a note and put it where you will see it. Plan to pay your bills ahead of time.


Keep a clean work area. 


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Make a habit of putting everything away when you stop working in the evening.  But, if it doesn’t get done the night before, do it before you start work in the morning.


Make your bed.


The Bridal Chamber, Interior, Bed


Have a morning routine and make smoothing your bed covers a part of it.


Clean your refrigerator regularly.


Refrigerator, Food

If you can’t do it all at once; tackle a shelf a day until it is clean.
Organize it so that your food and condiments are easy to find. Date leftovers and dump in a few days. The moldy monsters will no longer control the inside of your refrigerator.


Wipe Counters and stove and wash dishes.


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Wipe counters and stove, and wash the dishes immediately after making a meal, or at least right after eating it. If you clean while you are cooking, there will be much less to do afterward.


Tackle mail.


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Incoming mail is the bane of my existence. The best advice I’ve heard, is to throw away junk mail immediately. Organize the remainder, and pay the bills as soon as you get them. Mark catalogs and magazines with the date received; so you will know when to toss.


Organizing clothing.


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Wash clothes regularly, fold and put away immediately. There is nothing worse than wanting to wear your favorite blouse and find it is either still in the wash, or you can’t find it in the piles of clothes you neglected to put away.


Clean your bathroom regularly.


Bathroom, Sink, Mirror, Apartment, Room

The best time to wipe things down is right after you take your shower. Mirrors clean very easily with a coat of steam meeting a dry towel. Clean the shower immediately after getting out and dressed. It’s so much easier. When you wash your face and brush your teeth, wipe the sink and counter as well. Brush the commode out right after your morning routine.


Tackle clutter.


Living Room, Clutter, Chaos

Keep only what you need. Donate the rest. I know sometimes it is hard (and I am not good at this one); but what we lose in possessions, we will gain in peace of mind and an uncluttered home.


Clean the garbage out of your car.


Classic, Oldtimer, Car, Vehicle, Old

Make a habit of taking the garbage out of the car each trip. If it doesn’t build up, it is much easier to deal with.

Find a home for everything.


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If everything has a particular place it belongs, we are more likely to put an article away, which cuts down on clutter.


Put things away after using them.


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If you have to walk to another room to put something away; do it. You will be repaid by not having to look at the clutter.


Come up with a schedule of household chores.


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Write down the chore and a time it should be done. If it is possible, delegate some of the chores. No one person should be responsible for everything; unless they are the only one living in the house.


Regularly clean and organize cupboards, closets, drawers, and linen closets.


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You will gain back the time you spent organizing, from the time you no longer have to spend hunting something you have misplaced.




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Make to do lists and prioritize.


  • Prioritize according to what is most important.

  • But do things first, that can be done quickly, when possible.

  • Divide larger tasks into smaller, more manageable segments.

  • Schedule some free time to handle interruptions.

  • Write in breaks for exercise and relaxing.

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Get rid of “stuff”


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Our lives are full of too much “stuff”.  So we buy containers to put the “stuff” in; and then there is more “stuff”.  It is so much harder to organize, when there is so much “stuff” to organize.  We need to minimize the amount of “stuff” we have.  Imagine how much better your life would be if there weren’t so much “stuff”.


  • We need to sort through our possessions, and get real with ourselves.

  • Keep only what we need.

  • Donate the rest to “Good Will” or one of the other Charity Organizations.

Box, Charity, Catholic, Church, Poor

  • You can have a yard or garage sale if it makes you feel better to get a little extra cash.

  • Put the things, you don’t need; but can’t bear to part with in a box, and if you haven’t opened it in a year, donate the box.

  • Sometimes souvenirs hold a special place in our hearts.  But could we take pictures of the souvenirs, then donate, and keep the pictures?

  • It is important to imagine your life without clutter, to make this adjustment of getting rid of the “stuff” we don’t need, less painful.

Living Room, Interior, Homes, Houses

I haven’t gone into a lot of detail in this post; but there is much information on the internet about organizing, prioritizing and minimizing.  If this post has sparked, in you an interest in becoming more organized; get serious, research, and begin to change your life for the better.


Thanks for stopping by.  Come back again soon.  I love company!


Feel free to leave a comment.  I will answer all of them to the best of my ability.


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8 thoughts on “Organize, Prioritize and Minimize

  1. I am going to print off these lists, tape them to the fridge and action them for spring cleaning. Thanks for organizing this list in such a thoughtful manner. I can’t think of anything you missed. Really well done.

    • Hi Peter.

      I’m glad you are going to print them off. I’m always happy when my posts have been of use to someone.

      Oh…I’m sure I missed a lot of things; this is just what came off the top of my head.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting so kindly. Come back soon. I love company.


  2. Whoa, this was a useful article! I think everyone struggles with degrees of disorganization, and at my worst a lot of these things you described ring true. Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of stuff you don’t want, because you have to ask yourself, do I really want to schlep these boxes (which I haven’t opened in 10, 20 years) to a new home? And I agree with you that we have to tackle tasks one by one as they come up, because once the mess starts to snowball it just gets oppressive and seems harder and harder to deal with. So, thanks for the good suggestions!

    • Hi Penny.

      I’m happy you found my post helpful. You are right; people who move often tend to not have so much “stuff”. However, some people do keep it and move it to the new location. Lol. Yes. The small things that don’t take much time, make a large difference. And if things get out of control; we feel discouraged and despair of ever becoming organized. The task has become too large; and seems impossible to deal with. This is when we need to break it up into small manageable tasks; and celebrate our small accomplishments as we move toward the larger goal. It is never impossible to tackle, no matter how much it seems like it is.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope you come back soon. My door is always open.


    • Hi Eric.

      Yes. There is a feeling of accomplishment. Being organized in all areas of our lives; can save countless hours of hunting something; and save us from the stress of living in a cluttered environment. Some things take only 5 minutes. If we get in the habit of taking care of those little things; we usually see a big difference.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Come back again. I love company.


  3. Hi Jeannie,
    There are some great information there. I like some of your tips. Some of the things we think it’s so small but they have so many advantages. Making bed in the morning has so many benefits. First, it helps you feel accomplished after finish the first task of the day. Secondly, who wouldn’t prefer going to a made bed to a messy one?

    • Hi Kien.

      Thanks for commenting. Yes. Sometimes the small things can turn out to be a large help. The saying goes “The best things come in small packages”. You are right. making your bed is one of the things that gets your morning started off right; and it takes less than 5 minutes. From time to time, during the day, you walk in to the bedroom, and a bed that is made feels like an accomplishment; if it is all rumpled, you feel just like the bed looks. Lol.

      Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon. My door is always open.


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