Physical Health

Hi there retirees.


How is your physical Health?

This is the page that will feature articles on the physical health of seniors.

Among the topics I will cover are; Our body needs water, drugs that are

dangerous for seniors, getting more exercise, natural alternatives,

eye health and glasses, ear health and hearing aids, mouth care and dentures,

essential oils, benefits of coconut oil, vinegar and health, and many more.

Keep coming back.  I will be adding new articles regularly.

Comments  and questions are encouraged and welcome on this site.

Your questions are important, and I will answer to the best of my ability.

If I don’t know the answer I will do my best to find it for you.

You are welcome at this site.

Come back soon.


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2 thoughts on “Physical Health

  1. Hi Jeannie. I’ve looked around your site a little bit and I do like it a lot. When it comes to our health, I think that staying active is so important. I’m fortunate I guess, because I have always led an active lifestyle, and don’t foresee that changing ever. But that’s not the case for everyone. I know lots of people who are content to just sit. I think that’s such a shame. We need to try to find motivation for people, especially older people, to get out and be active again. Thanks for doing what you are doing here with your website. I’ll be talking to you again, Jim.

    • Hi Jim. Yes, it is very important to stay active. It is even more important when we get older than when we were younger. Activity is easy and fun when you are a child. It is natural and enjoyable as a young adult. Life and responsibilities get in the way in early middle age, when we are raising our families and building our careers. But when we get older, our bodies are getting tired and achey, making exercise more difficult. We sometimes develop other health problems, making it even more difficult. However, exercise and healthy eating are even more important than they were when we were young. Exercise and healthy eating can also have a beneficial affect on many disorders; such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. The best way to motivate people to be more active, is to change their thoughts. If you think you have outlived your usefulness; it’s time to actively look for some way to be useful again. It’s time to uncover your creativity (that God gives to every person he creates), throw off all the baggage of damaged emotions and begin to live again. God wants us to have life, and life more abundantly; not just exist. Thanks you for your insightful comment. Keep checking back. I will be adding content regularly. Come back again real soon. I love company.

      At your service,


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