Post Holiday Blues

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Well, the holidays are over.  All that time of speeding around trying to get everything done, and now it’s over.  The presents are all exchanged  The tree is down and all the decorations are put away.  It’s good, right?


Then why do you have an empty feeling inside?  Why are you feeling a sad sense of loss; an uneasiness? You were so excited to see the new year in; but now you find yourself at loose ends.  Why are you feeling so sad?  There is a very good chance you might be suffering from the post holiday blues.


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You may be surprised to find that you are not alone.  To you it may seem like everyone else is happily dancing in to the new year, full of plans for how to make this year the best ever; but some studies show that 25% of us suffer from post holiday blues.  I’m guessing that it could be even higher; because there may be some people who suffer silently through it.  Trudging through January and February until March promises spring, green grass, flowers and sunshine.


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What are some causes of the post holiday blues?


The let down, after riding high on Christmas.


Everything was so busy, so full of anticipation.  You were bustling here and there,

trying to get everything done.  Even after Christmas, there were preparations for

New Years.  And there was the house cleaning to be done after Christmas trashed

your brightly decorated home.


Then the New Year bash, and more trash?  The cleaning again.  Oh, and are you

sure you returned all the presents?  And maybe you better hit the Christmas

sales to get a head start on next year.


And then you are done, finally, time to relax, right?  But you can’t relax.  You

feel empty, anxious and sad.  You have the post holiday blues.


The realization that the perfect holiday we planned

turned out less than perfect.


You started out the Christmas season determined that this would be

the best Christmas ever.  You tried to pick gifts that you just knew

each person would be delighted with.  You gather their lists and try

to make sure you get the most important gifts for your loved ones.


Even though you thought you were ahead of the game, you find

yourself in a crunch at the last minute.  It’s Christmas eve.  Tomorrow

is the day.  All of a sudden you remember, you forgot to buy a gift

for Aunt Mabel.  You still have so many gifts to wrap and you were

going to do that early; but now you need to run out after Aunt Mabel’s

gift and snacks for Christmas day.


You run out to the store, fighting the Christmas crowds again.  You

have to park clear at the other end of the parking lot.  Of course!

Anything to take longer, right?  You manage to get your gift and

a cart load of snacks and drinks for Christmas day.


You trudge back out to the other end of the parking lot through the

snow that started while you were in the store, and now blanketed the

parking lot and your car windows.  Groan.  Now where did you

put that window scraper this time?


You manage to get back home safely, through the slippery, newly fallen

snow.  After unpacking, you set yourself toward the task of wrapping the

rest of the gifts.  Now where is the tape?  Kids?


Finally you are done.  Why do you feel so exhausted?  You look at the

clock and find it is 3:30am.  So you drag yourself off to bed and fall asleep.

The next thing you know, you are awakened by excited voices.  “Mommy,

Daddy, it’s Christmas!  Santa was here.  Come and see!


Then comes the flurry of the unwrapping.  Jimmy doesn’t like what you

got him.  He didn’t want that one.  He told you what one he wanted.  He

pouts in a corner.  Sally didn’t get the gift she wanted the most.  She

doesn’t say much is occupied playing with her other stuff; but you are

keenly aware of her disappointment.


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Then you look around and there is no where to walk without stepping

on a piece of wrapping paper, a box, or a bow.  So you drag your

unwilling, exhausted body around the room, scooping it up.  What a

day!  You fall into bed, exhausted.  You failed again.  Not perfect.



We are back to hum drum status quo again.


After all that running about, there is something empty and sad about things

returning to normal; and well, boring.


Gathering with family may have opened up some old

emotional wounds we thought we had conquered.


Getting together with family is one of the joys of the holiday season; but

sometimes it opens old wounds.  And you find that the brother or sister

you never got along with hasn’t changed.  Sometimes hurtful words are

spoken and feelings are hurt.  Maybe someone didn’t like the gift that

you were sure they would love.  Or perhaps you got someone something

you could barely afford, and they got you a box of candy.  When the

holidays are over, all these feelings flood upon us.  We don’t know what

to do with them so we feel sad, empty, and dissatisfied.


Having no family to visit on the holiday leaves one

with a loneliness residue after the holidays.


Everyone else is celebrating with family and you have none to go to;

or there is a rift between you and your children and you are left to

celebrate the holidays alone.  This feeling of loneliness can linger on

even after all the celebration is over.


If you are going through a divorce or some type of

family turmoil during the holidays; it hits even harder

after the excitement of the holidays is over.


The stress of going through a divorce, or any type of family problem is even

more acute during and after the holidays.  It seems even more sad.


You may realize that you have put on 5 to 10 pounds

eating all those goodies.


Oh, what delicious meals you had for Thanksgiving and Christmas!  All

the trimmings, everything you love to eat.  And it is the holiday’s after

all, so eat, you do.  And those scrumptious deserts, and of course, the

Christmas cookies.  You indulge.  You throw caution to the wind.


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You need to go on a diet because you indulged.


The holidays are over.  So you timidly step on the scale.  Oh no!  You are

repulsed by what you see there.  It’s diet time.


With less daylight, some suffer from sunlight deprivation.


There are some people who become sad or depressed when they don’t get

enough light or sunlight.  If you are one of those people this could add to

the other reasons for post holiday blues.


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You are grieving for spring, summer and sunny weather.


If you are a person who really doesn’t like winter and much prefer the spring and

summer months; this could be another cause of the blues.


The new year has handed you an empty slate and you have

no idea what to fill it with.


There is a whole new year in front of you; and you haven’t the slightest idea what

you will do with it.  It seems to you as though everyone else has a plan, and is

starting out the new year with gusto.  But you are simply spent, exhausted, and

without a clue how to start this new venture.


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How do we conquer and move on?


Pamper yourself


The holidays have taken their toll.  Give yourself some TLC.

Take relaxing baths in lieu of quick showers.  Do a total body

cleanse to get rid of all that holiday junk you put in your

body.  Go for a massage, facial or manicure/pedicure.


Center your life back on God and the Bible


Have the holidays done a number with your Bible reading

and devotions?  Take this time to move back in to His

presence.  He is your strength, comfort and ever present

help in time of trouble.  Turn back to your lifeline.


Adopt healthy eating and healthy habits


Make small changes instead of trying to diet right away.

Drink more water.  Eat more veggies.  Make sure to get

your protein.  Ease into better eating.


Get more rest


The holidays are notorious for stealing your sleep.  You

have spent all this time going without enough sleep.  Go

ahead, sleep in.  Go to bed a half hour earlier each night.

Getting enough sleep can have a big impact on how you

feel physically and your emotional outlook as well.


Become introspective


This could be a good time for you to take some time to think

about who you really are and what you want out of life.

Set some short term and long term goals.


Realize that “This too shall pass”


Give yourself time to recuperate.  There is not anything in

this life that is permanent.  This too shall pass.  You will get

through this time of sadness and emotional stress.  There are

better days ahead.  Tell yourself this.  Be aware of your self

talk and endeavor to make it positive.


If this feeling lasts too long, seek help.


If you do all these things and nothing is easing the pain, or

taking away the anxious emotions.  And time isn’t healing

your wounds, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Go to your

family physician, or go for some counseling.  You may have

a more serious form of of depression.


I hope this post has helped someone to be able to deal with

their post holiday blues in a more positive manner.  My reason

for writing this is to let you know that you are not alone and

there is help out there.


I want all of you to be able to get past the post holiday blues,

and any other type of sadness or depression, to a place of joy

and peace.


I consider my readers as my friends, and I want the best life

has to offer for each one of you.  May God bless and comfort

you through this new year.  May He show you the blessings

He has prepared for you and the wonders of His presence

in your life.


Thanks for stopping by.  Feel free to look around.  Click on

menu to see what my site has to offer.  I hope you come back

again sometime.  I love company.  I also love comments.


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add something to the content, or tell your own experiences.


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4 thoughts on “Post Holiday Blues

  1. Jeannie, what a wonderful way to encapsulate what I believe a lot of people feel when the holiday rush is over. When you said “you’ve got this whole new year in front of you and not the slightest idea what to do with it” I felt a little that way this year – with year end planning leaking into the new year. My Mom though feels like this every year. Her dad (my Grandfather) used to say – after Christmas dinner – “well, Christmas is as far away as ever!”. Which didn’t make my mom all that happy then, but she still quotes him saying that now. I think you’re right…there’s so much build-up, it’s such a big deal, it’s so busy and stressful in the lead-up to Christmas. And then there’s just (in our neck of the woods) snow and January to look forward to. I like your advice. It’s a good time for reflection and moving inward in more ways than one. Beautiful post. Thank you. And have a great, spiritual January!

    • Hi Larry. Thanks for such a lovely comment.

      Yes. The holidays are very stressful and although we don’t like it at the time, when the stress is gone, it seems like we are missing something. The lack of that stress, though it may feel good in some ways, also leaves a void. And the new year can seem both exciting and ominous at the same time.

      I liked your story about your mother and dad. And his comment was really cute.

      I hope you ome back again some time. I love company. And my door is always open.


  2. You know it’s really funny that I came across this post. For the past 5 years I have really had to work hard to maintain a positive attitude come winter time. Usually just after the first of the year. I never really thought about it as post holiday blues, but it makes sense. For me I aways blamed it on the lack of quality vitamin D from the suns rays. I live in New England so in the winter we have receive little to no vitamin D naturally from the sun. Leads to a lot of post holiday blues!

    • Hi Scott.

      Thanks for commenting. I sometimes suffer with it myself; but I get out of it pretty fast. I think it is a shock to our systems to be so focused and so busy and then it is suddenly over. Fortunately I have WA which keeps me busy even after the holidays.

      I am a light person myself. I live in PA, so we don’t have a lot of sun in the winter either. I don’t really like the cold weather and sometimes I wish I could do like the bears and hibernate all winter. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting. Hope you come back again. I love company and my door is always open.


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