Retired and on Fire

Hi retirees and other friends,

I want you all to know this one thing.  You are retired; but that doesn’t mean that you need to sit and be a smoldering ember.  You can be retired and on fire!  You can live a vibrant, productive and satisfying life.  And you can start right now.  Just begin to fan the flames!


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I promised to keep you updated on my progress here at Wealthy Affiliate. I am learning a lot and enjoying being a part of the WA community. There are so many knowledgeable ambassadors who are always willing to help. I have also gotten to know a number of wonderful people from the community. The conversations are pleasant and uplifting. A great number of the posts are very inspiring and keep you engaged. Perhaps I am enjoying it too much and not doing enough with my lessons and my website.


Anyway, I have managed to get to be in the Top 200 while enjoying myself interacting within the community. I am currently within 4 points of being in the Top 100. In the next couple of days, that should happen. The next goal is Top 50, and then Ambassador. I need to get a lot of learning in before I get to be an Ambassador. I want to help others as they have helped me.


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I have written 24 blogs on the WA site so far. I may do another one today. It is a good way to practice your writing while getting your thoughts heard. We comment on each others blogs, which helps build confidence, and we learn from each others content. If you would like to be a part of this wonderful community. You can start for free, by clicking on the link below:



I have built my very first website here. I have been enjoying adding content, and replying to comments. I love to have people stop by, and I welcome comments or questions here. I have written ten posts (including this one). I have four pages. There are three categories called: Physical Health, Mental Health and Spiritual Health. I have started to add content to these headings with one article under each one so far. I plan to add two to three articles a week to these headings, so check back often for new content.  I had some trouble getting this content arranged the way I wanted.  I asked a question and got an answer.  You can read about it here:


I hope to generate more traffic to my site; because I want people, especially retired people to be able to take advantage of my posts and pages. I have accumulated much knowledge during my time of caring for the elderly, and then for my parents, until their death. I also use the web for more knowledge to pass on to my readers. I am hoping it will become the site for people to come to for information on healthy retirement, and their physical, mental and spiritual health as well.


Would you like to build your own website?

Do you have a passion you would like to further on the web, or a

product you would like to market?

Are you interested in adding to your income with internet

affiliate marketing?

It does work; but you need training.

You can get started for free by clicking below:



I am thoroughly committed to helping others while learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Hopefully you will learn something of value through my articles here. I am actually more committed to helping others than I am making money; but I am interested in both. I have decided that Wealthy Affiliate is the best learning tool out there.  I also love the community. I’m never lonely. I always have company. I learn from reading their struggles and I know I’m not alone.


I won’t say Wealthy Affiliate is easy. They give you the knowledge; but you still have to do the work. Sometimes it is frustrating dealing with the technical part, and there are many decisions to be made; but it is all worth it. I am learning and growing. I’m using my creative nature, with the purpose of helping others. Remember, when you have to struggle for something, it’s more meaningful when you get it, than if it is just handed to you.


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Sometimes, I get stuck on something, and I am working and re-working and asking questions; and then the light dawns, and I break through! It is an exhilarating feeling to finally have my answer. There is a great feeling of accomplishment when the breakthrough comes.


I have recently decided to go yearly, which saves me quite a bit of money. Though it would be worth paying the regular monthly price for the amount of knowledge contained at WA; I love the savings. I appreciate that I had the time to start out free to see if internet affiliate marketing was for me, before I started paying.


Also if you take advantage of the free starter membership and then decide to go Premium, which I did before my seven days of free lessons was up; you pay a discounted and very affordable price of $19 for the first month.  This gives you even more time to decide.


If you would like to try Wealthy Affiliate for yourself, and receive a free starter membership, seven days of free lessons, and two free websites, you can get started as early as today. Just click on the link below, sign up, and you are on a learning journey, with a like minded community behind you to cheer you on to your goals!



I hope you stop back again. I will be adding new content two or three times a week. I love company and my door is always open. So come on back.


Leave a comment or a question. I love feedback. Tell me what you would like to see here. Maybe I can oblige. I want this site to be your home away from home. Come on in, relax, learn something and chat. Comment section below.


If you haven’t read my “About me” page, check it out.

See my menu for other pages such as:

Getting Started

Wealthy Affiliate Review “What About Wealthy Affiliate”

I will keep you updated on my progress at a later date. Until then I pray that you stay healthy, happy, and fulfilled.


At your service,


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