Return to USA From Trip to France and Germany

I just got home to USA yesterday, from a trip to France and Germany with my son and daughter in law.  I thought I would give you a little outline of the trip and then write more and share pictures in another post next week.





We drove to Williamsport, PA and caught a plane to Philadelphia.  From there we flew to Paris, France.  We were all tired; but we rented a car and my daughter in law drove through the busy Paris streets.  She is much braver than me.  The traffic is crazy there.  Cars just weave in and out, and so do people on motorcycles and bicycles.




The GPS was different on the rental car and we had a little trouble understanding it to find the Eiffel Tower.  I liked the architecture as we drove through the streets.  There were many windows and little balconies with intricate wrought iron railings. We parked and walked to the Tour Eiffel.  It was very unusual, and very tall.  🙂  I took pictures that I will share with you in the next post; so be sure to check back next week for the next installment of my adventures in France and Germany.


Kaiserslautern, Germany

Later that day we drove the rental car to Kaiserslautern, Germany.  It was about a 5 hour drive.  We got to my Grandaughter’s house about 9pm their time.


Twins were in bed

I didn’t get to see the 8 month old twins that are my great-grandchilden, or their big brother 3 year old William until morning; because they were in bed.


Getting settled in and resting

The house my granddaughter and her husband (who is in the service) live in was very large; and my son and daughter in law slept in one room on the third floor and I slept in another.  Their children slept in the lower level.  We were all very tired and settled in pretty quickly to get some sleep.  I slept on an air mattress; but it was pretty comfortable and I was glad to be able to stretch out after the cramped 5 hour drive from Paris.


Meeting the twins and visiting

The next day we just visited and met the twins, Alana and Xavier.  And I renewed my acquaintance with 3 year old William.  The twins were adorable and so is William.  I can’t wait to share their pictures; but I haven’t downloaded them from my phone yet.


Birthday party at Yabadoo

I will be glad to write in more detail what we did and share some pictures; but for now I will just tell you what we visited.  We went to a birthday party at a place called Yabadoo; which is a children’s indoor play park.  The birthday party for a friend of William’s.  They have some things that are different from children’s parks in the USA.  I will be showing you pictures of some of what was there, also.


Ludwig van Beethoven house

Another day we went to see the home where Ludwig Van Beethoven was born and raised.  It had a lot of history there, and was interesting; but a lot was written in French and we didn’t understand.  Still it was interesting seeing the history and the pictures.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside; but I have some of the outside of the house and the garden.


Nanstein Castle

We went to Nanstein castle ruins the day before we left for home.  It was fun to explore all the different rooms and look at the rock formations, etc.  And the views from the ruins were awesome.  Even though it isn’t all there anymore; there is enough left of the castle to spark your imagination of medevial times.  I got lots of pictures and will be sharing some them with you in the next post.


Smiling donkey statue

There is a smiling donkey statue that I fell in love with.  I will show you a picture of his wonderful smile.  I wanted to go see some other sites nearby; but there just wasn’t time.


Heading home


Paris, France to Miami, FL

We drove back to the DeGaulle airport in Paris.  We left at 2am Wednesday morning; their time.  After driving the 5 hours back to Paris, we found there wasn’t any more seats on our flight, so we had to change our plans and wait for another flight that went to Miami, FL.  It was a very long flight and though the accommodations were business class and pretty nice, I was uncomfortable a lot of the flight.


Miami to Philadelphia, PA

Then after a three hour wait in Miami; we took a flight to Philadelphia that was not as long; and I was happy to have a window seat.  It was beautiful taking off at night.  The ground looked like a black piece of material with sewed on jewels, as we ascended.  I tried to take pictures but forgot to take off the flash so they didn’t turn out.


Philadelphia, PA

When we got to Philadelphia; we had to wait til morning for a flight to State College.  We rented two small rooms at the airport and got about 5 hours rest.  Then we took off for State College airport in the morning.  That flight was only about 45 minutes to an hour long.  It was so good to see State College; which is really close to home.  I have some pictures of that flight.  I had a window seat in it also.


Philadelphia to State College, PA

It was good for me to go see other countries and I enjoyed meeting my great grandchildren twins; but it was wonderful to come home.  There’s no place like home.


There’s no place like home.



Thanks for reading.  Please feel free to use the comment section below.  Stop back next week for the sequel and more pictures and details.  I love company and my door is always open.


At your service,













4 thoughts on “Return to USA From Trip to France and Germany

  1. That is interesting. I spent 18 years in Germany and never visited France. I just realize that I was already in different countries in the world and so a lot of exciting places in my life, but I’ve never seen the Eiffel Tower and I was five hours away. Thank you for the excellent post that reminded me on Europe I am living right now in Canada, and every time I go back to Europe, I need to make a plan what places I need to visit. I am sure that next time Eiffel Tower will be part of the program.

    • Hi Greg.

      Wow. Eighteen years. What part of Germany were you in? Maybe it was further away from Paris than Kaiserslautern. Yes. If you can get to Paris you should definitely visit the Eiffel Tower. I hope you check back next week for the expounded version of my trip with some of the pictures I took.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Stop by again sometime. I love company.


  2. I love this post. It reminds me there is more to life and we need to see the small world we live in. Living in the United States, I didn’t realize how close Germany was to France! I live in NY… Ohio is 8 hours!! lol I glad to hear you made it back safely! I can’t believe you had to go to Miami and then Philly. What a long addition to already lengthy flight. Welcome back!

    • Hi Anthony.

      Yes, sometimes we tend to narrow our world to just a small circle of friends, family and work acquaintances. But the world is a very large place. People live very different lives, speak different languages, have varied cultures, different dress codes and codes of conduct. They have different architecture and driving rules, etc. For instance in Germany they have narrow streets and they are barely wide enough for two cars. They are allowed to park along the street. The people on one side of the road have the right of way and the ones on the other side are expected to pull off to the side to let the others through. It is interesting.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Please come back for the next pos that will be an expanded version with my personal photos.


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