Spiritual Health

Hi there retirees!


How is your spiritual health?

This is the page that will feature articles about the spiritual health of of seniors and others.

Among the topics I will cover are; Daily Bible reading, is church attendance necessary, helping others, how’s your patience, controlling anger,

what does the Bible say about growing older?, ways to love better,  the importance of praise and thanksgiving, home Bible study groups,

daily prayer and many more.


Come back often.  My door is always open and I love company!

I will be updating regularly with new posts and pages.

Your comments and questions are encouraged, and I will make every effort to answer or find you an answer to your questions.

This site is for you, the retired person, the senior, the caretaker and anyone else who finds the articles helpful.


At your service,


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Health

  1. Hi Jeannie. I’m a semi-retired person, does that count? I hope it does. I do a lot of preaching, and one thing that is always timely is the fact that we all need to think more about our spiritual health. We spend so much time worrying about our physical problems, we tend to ignore our spiritual side. But that’s the really important side of us, isn’t it? That’s the part that’s going to go on eternally. I’m glad that you’re trying to promote spiritual health and awareness. When we get older, it’s especially important, because there’s a good possibility a lot of the things that might have kept us away from focusing on our spirits, may be behind us now. of course it’s only a deception to think that young people shouldn’t be concerned about their spiritual health too. How many young people do you hear of that die every day? And to die in sin, is to lose any possibility of eternal life. Keep up the good work Jeannie, may God bless you, Jim.

    • Hi Jim. Yes, it qualifies you. Many people choose to work after they retire anyway. And anyone is welcome on this site, retired or not. I agree with you completely. Our spiritual self is the only part of us that will live eternally. It needs to be nurtured and exercised just like our physical and mental/emotional self. Being in the right place,spiritually speaking, aids us in all areas of our lives. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope you will be a regular visitor.

      At your service,


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