Three Months at Wealthy Affiliate

Hi friends.

On the fifth of this month (November) marked my anniversary.  I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for three months now.  So, I thought it was time to give you an update.


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I have been having a blast writing blogs and commenting on other’s blogs on the WA site.  They are such a wonderful community and I have made many friends.  Because of this networking, I am now ranked at 46.  That means that I am in the Top 50 at WA. If you would like to join this wonderful community of helpful friends, you can join for free today.  Just click on the link below.



I am pleased and honored to be in the Top 50; but also dismayed; because I know that I will have to back off a bit. I am spending too much time connecting on the WA site.  As enjoyable and profitable as this is; I am finding I am spending several hours a day on this endevor.  Which doesn’t leave me with enough time in the day to work on my website and lessons.  I need to concentrate on my lessons, and on getting more content here on my website.  I was adding at least two posts a week; but lately I am lucky to get one a week done.


My website has suffered and I must regroup.  My website health has gone back down to orange (your site health is improving).  It was on blue (your site health is pretty good).  So as you can see, I am spending too much time networking; and not enough time on my website.  I will rectify that.  I hope the next update I will be saying my site health is back up to blue again.


I have written 40 blogs on the WA site.  If you are interested you can find them here:


I currently have 520 followers on the WA site; and I get more followers every day.

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I am on Certification Level 2, Lesson 9.  And I am on lesson 8 of Phase 1 in Boot Camp.


I have 14 posts and 4 pages on my website here.  And I have 34 comments on them.


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Wealthy Affiliate is a treasure chest of information; and I intend to renew my interest in unlocking all those treasures, by delving back in to my lessons.  I still have so much to learn, and if I am to show you how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate; then I must be about the business of learning myself.  If you want to get started with a free membership today, just click on the link below.  We will go on this journey together.  I will help you every step of the way.  If I don’t know your answers, I will find someone that does.  I will give you my own personal email so you can always reach me.


I can tell you though, that I came in to this very green.  I knew nothing about affiliate marketing.  I was looking to find a new purpose for my life; after taking care of my parents for almost 9 years.  Their death, while sad in itself, took away the purpose that my life had held for all that time.  I was feeling a little lost.  I was looking into ways to make extra money, when I came across a site promoting WA.  I checked into it; because my first thought was that it might be a scam.  I found many good reviews, and very few bad things said about this company.  And you can start for free!  That’s right..$0.


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The best part Wealthy Affiliate was that I could join for free.  I thought, what have I got to lose?  So I started the free lessons they provided.  I built my very first website on my fourth lesson!  Kyle and Carson made it easy and fun.  I won’t say that I didn’t get stuck on some things from time to time; but there was always help available.  And oh how exciting it is, when you persevere until you get your answer.  What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.


I found that I loved writing.  I love encouraging people, and I love to be encouraged.  This is where the WA  community excels.  I am able to write blogs and get comments, and read other people’s blogs and give comments.  I was at a point in life that I needed to have an outlet for my creative side.  And writing blogs on WA, and here on my website, is providing that.


In the WA community we are all learning to think positive and to follow their dreams.  We have a place to talk about our accomplishments, too.  We all understand each other, and have a common goal.  Which is to have a successful business online.


If you are interested in pursuing internet marketing, and being a part of this exciting community.  You can make that decision for yourself today.   You will get 7 days of free lessons at no charge.  And the new website, you will learn to build, will be free also.  In fact you get two free websites.  If you find it is not for you; you can cancel your membership (also for free).  Just click on the link below and you can join for free today.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my journey at WA and my accomplishments so far.

If you would like to see my WA review.  Click on the Review section in the menu and select:

What About Wealthy Affiliate?


If you would like to read more of my health posts, just click on the posts called, Physical Health, Mental Health and Spiritual Health.  You will see a drop down menu with the articles I have written so far.


Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions in the comment section below.


I love company and my door is always open.  Come back again often.  I promise there will be more for information for you to read.  Thank you.


At your service,




4 thoughts on “Three Months at Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Congratulations you have made it to three months at Wealthy Affiliate and I know that your having a ball. Wealthy Affiliate has a great business model that it caters to persons from all walks of life it does not matter the age, the nationality and so on this is a proven system that works and that have and is changing lives. All the best to you and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Norman.

      Thank you for commenting.

      Yes, you are right. I am having a ball. Wealthy Affiliate is the best training ground out there for affiliate marketing, in my opinion. It is amazing how many nations are represented. And it is so great to be able to talk to persons from so many different walks of life. It is such an uplifting community. I have learned a lot; but still have so much to learn.

      I hope you come back again soon. I love company.

      At your service,


  2. Thanks for sharing your three month journey at Wealthy Affiliate with us. This kind of post gives us all a much greater insight as to how this platform works and what its benefits are.

    It sounds like you have come a long way in your training and website creation and have made great advancements towards online business success. Well done!

    • Hi Darren.

      Thanks for reading and your kind reply. I was completely green to all this when I started at WA. I may not be moving as fast as some are; but I’m happy to have accomplished what I have so far. I could never could have gotten this far without the Wealthy Affiliate lessons, and help from the community.

      At your service,


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