Trip to Paris, France and Kaiserslautern, Germany – With Pictures

As per my previous post: “Return to USA From my Trip to France and Germany”, I have recently returned from a trip to Paris, France and Kaiserslautern, Germany. I took many pictures during my trip, and will be sharing a few with you in this post.



The Trip


We flew first to Paris, France, where we visited the Eiffel Tower; or Tour Eiffel, as it is called there.


It was indeed something to behold. If you go to Paris, you won’t want to miss this one.


The view was spectacular and you can’t really see all of the beauty and splendor in the pictures I took; but here are a few.


There were several floors inside the Eiffel Tower, and boutiques and shops for the avid shopper. You could buy a souvenir from your visit, or almost anything else you might want from the varied shops.





From the Tour Eiffel; we walked back to the parking garage, and my daughter in law once again braved the Paris traffic. They mostly drive small cars there, which lend themselves to weaving in and out of traffic at will. Or they drive motor bikes or bicycles, that they bravely weave among the vehicles.


We passed a bicycle taxi cab (I believe they are called Rickshaws). I thought the person driving must have strong leg muscles with all that peddling. 🙂 Sorry I didn’t get a picture.


We squeezed the five of us back into the compact rental car that was supposed to be a station wagon, and my daughter in law drove the five hour drive from Paris France to Kaiserslautern, Germany.


We arrived at a little after 9 pm; and it sure was good to stretch out on an air mattress and get some rest, after our cramped five hour car ride. 🙂


In the morning, I got to meet my great grandchildren twins, Alana and Xavier. They are eight months old and adorable! And I renewed my acquaintance with sweet three year old William; the twins big brother. Great Grandma can’t help but share a couple pictures.






The next day was a laid back visiting day. We just relaxed and settled in. My granddaughter’s husband is stationed in Kaiserslautern for another year yet. I am thankful for their hospitality, and for their willingness to share their house, and their beautiful family for a week.


Thank you Chris and Eva.  🙂







The day after, we visited an indoor children’s play park called “Yabadoo”. It was a birthday party for one of William’s friends. I took many pictures, but I will share just a few.





I don’t know what you call this; but it was a lot of fun for the children. It is made of a rubbery like material; such as you might imagine an air balloon would be made of. The children climb up it and then slide down; or they can sit on the top. This is the birthday girl climbing up.




I kept watching the kids and it looked like fun; so I decided to give it a try. The first time I didn’t make it all the way up; but the second time, I did (with a little hand up, at the top). I felt like I had conquered old age when I got to the top. But then I had to be brave enough to slide down. I managed to slide down safely obviously, or I wouldn’t be here writing this.




My daughter in law made it to the top too.  And my son gave it the best effort.  He got close, too.


As we came in, and as we left, we were greeted by this very cute Kangaroo.





My daughter in law and granddaughter went to the Commissary one day, and exchanged our American dollars for European Euros. This is the currency we needed to spend in Germany. The dollar is a coin; and there is a two dollar coin. The exchange rate in Germany (right now) is such that for $100 US dollars I received 90 Euros.




Beethoven Haus


On Saturday, we took a two hour drive to Bonn, to visit the Beethoven Haus; which was the house where composer, Ludwig van Beethoven was born and raised. The museum was interesting; but it would have been more so if I could have read the German writings. 🙂




We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the museum; but I took some outside in the garden area.



Coming in and leaving the Beethoven Haus; we passed a wall with some beautiful murals. I was very impressed with them and took a couple pictures.



I would like to share the twins mode of transportation while walking to and from Beethoven Haus. They just love the coziness; and are interested in everything they see.





Lunch at the Commissary


On Sunday we went to the commissary for lunch. It was, more or less, a pizza buffet. There were several different kinds of pizza, a salad bar, some other foods, and a place to make your own sundae. Yummy. Here is Alana enjoying her cucumber and baby rattle dinner.





Smiling Donkey


As we traveled through town, I kept seeing this smiling donkey ; and I fell in love with him. I think you will agree that he has a winning smile. He’s somewhat of a town mascot according to my granddaughter. 🙂





Castle Nanstein


We also visited Castle Nanstein; the castle of the last chevalier, Franz von Sickingen. It is a castle ruin; but there is still a lot of the original structure to explore.The first documented mention was in the year 1253. From the 13th to the 15th century it was an Imperial Castle. Franz von Sickingen was sole proprietor from 1518 to 1523; when he was injured during a seige of the palace. He died, May 7, 1523.




Reconstruction to a Renaissance castle by the descendants of Sickingen took place in 1543.



Capture by the elector of Palatinate; partly detonated the facility in 1668. Further detonation of the castle occurred through french troops in 1689. From 1869 there have been attempts to renovate the ruin in parts.





It was interesting to see how they used the rock formations as part of their construction. And how beautiful the rocks are.




The arches and the architecture speak of medieval times. It is very quaint and beautiful.  It takes you back in history, in your minds eye, as you imagine the lives of people who lived here and worked within these walls.




I’m thinking that the following pictures might be the dungeon. It was damp and cold, and without the modern electricity would have been very dark, also.


I imagined prisoners from medieval times, as they were drug down into this miserable place, possibly in chains, and with just the clothes on their backs. The misery and suffering they must have gone through, was more than I could ever imagine. It sent cold chills up my spine.


The view from the castle was beautiful. I took pictures; but the beauty cannot be captured as well in photos, as when it is seen with the naked eye.





Return Home


Wednesday, we left at 2am for the 5 hour drive back to Paris. After the return of the rental car; we were to wait for a flight; but we lost our seats on that flight. We ended up taking a later flight to Miami, FL, and then on to Philadelphia. We had a night’s layover there and then on to State College, PA and home.



It was great to see State College, PA


It was beautiful taking off from Miami late at night.  Looking down on the city lights was like looking at a piece of black velvet with jewels on it.  I didn’t get pictures; but I did take a couple leaving Philadelphia.



 The camera doesn’t show the true extent of the beauty.


The traveling exhausted me; but overall my trip was an experience I will never forget. I must give thanks to my son and daughter in law (who works at State College airport) for making this opportunity possible.


Thank you, Chris and Barb, for including me. 🙂



I trust you enjoyed going along with me, through pictures, on my travels to Paris, France and Kaiserslautern, Germany. And this proud great grandma hopes you enjoyed seeing pictures of the twins and William.


I hope this post also sparks in you a desire to get out of your comfort zone, stretch your horizons, and do something new and different.


You are never too old to try new things, experience new places, and learn and grow. Maybe you can still climb a tower and slide down, like I did at Yabadoo.


Or maybe it is some other kind of tower you need to conquer, or a mountain you need to climb, or just a circumstance you need to look at in a new and different way.


Don’t be afraid to stretch the boundaries of your comfort zones; you never know to what heights it can lead; and what thrill it holds when conquered.



At your service,




Stretch your boundaries with learning for free:




















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  1. Hi Tessa.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m glad it brought back memories for you. No, I guess Paris doesn’t change a lot. Lol.

    Yes, I loved meeting the twins and seeing William again.

    Come back again sometime. I love company.


  2. Hi Jean,

    Thanks for sharing about your trip to Paris and Kaiserslautern. Your pictures brought back memories of friends and I visiting Paris a couple decades ago. Apparently nothing has changed there lol.

    Awesome you got to see and hug your great grandchildren. Way to go great gramma!

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